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Games of interest w/c 12th October

Here are some games that may be of interest this coming week to local supporters:


Wrexham v Maidenhead United (live on BT Sport)


Hayes & Yeading United v Chipstead
Slough Town v Bath City (behind closed doors)
St Albans City v Mickleover Sports (behind closed doors)
Oxford City v Tamworth (behind closed doors)
Brackley Town v Kettering Town (behind closed doors)


Holyport v Risborough Rangers
Penn & Tylers Green v Chalfont Wasps (7.45)
Burnham v Flackwell Heath


Winslow United v Shefford Town



Aylesbury United v Tilbury (at Chesham United FC)
Thame United v Cirencester Town


Burnham v Flackwell Heath
Windsor v Holmer Green


Risborough Rangers v Penn & Tylers Green


Aylesbury Vale Dynamos v Arlesey Town

If you go to one of these games (or any other) please post a short match report on here for all to enjoy.


  • I’m all for promoting the cause of local non league football, but I don’t agree with encouraging people to attend games that kick off at the same time that Wycombe are playing. Surely our club’s need for revenue from fans watching on Ifollow is a more important priority.

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  • Some of us, however much we love Wycombe, would rather go and watch a game with a couple of mates and enjoy the atmosphere of a live match, than sit in front of a computer watching a game from an empty stadium.

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  • Televised football will always be second best to physically being at a match, whatever the level. Even a Sunday morning park game would be more enjoyable for me than watching my team on TV. It has that sense of intimacy and exclusiveness you just don't get from armchair watching. You hear what the players and officials say, the spectators around you, you really are part of the match.

    I didn't watch the Luton game on iFollow, I went out to watch my local team. I may watch the Millwall game on iFollow, I have already paid for it with a season ticket, but it depends what other games I can go and see that day.

    We must guard against the danger that football no longer exists for fans attending, just for armchair watchers.

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  • I do wonder if live lower level non league might be one of the things lost later today - at least in some areas. If not I think it is definitely a case of go now while you are sure you still can. I left the ground I was at on Saturday wondering if I would be back for a while.

  • I've felt the opposite recently, having been to a few local non league games and seen far bigger crowds there than ever before, because a lot of people want to go to a game rather than have the slightly sterile and often lonely experience of watching iFollow. My local club have more than tripled their usual crowds; add in the extra beer sold in the club house and they're actually enjoying a bit of a bumper season, for now at least.

  • “Televised football will always be second best to physically being at a match, whatever the level”

    • Even the play off final against Oxford? I’d rather watch that on TV than be down the rye watching a game on a Sunday morning personally, empty stadium or not!
  • I concede, @username123, that I wouldn't have missed watching the Oxford game on TV for any other game! That was a momentous game in the club's history, a one off. There is a buzz you get from being at a game, which you don't get watching at home, but there was a unique and momentous buzz of a different sort that evening.

    I am ambivalent about watching our live league games on TV at the moment, I do feel an ever increasing disconnect. I am tiring of watching games on TV with no crowds, especially ones where you can't turn off the very irritating canned crowd noise.

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  • edited October 12

    @Steve_Peart "I am ambivalent about watching our live league games on TV at the moment, I do feel an ever increasing disconnect."
    Very much agree with the general sentiment. This coming Saturday I am now torn between watching a live game or WWFC v Millwall on TV/computer HDMI this Saturday.

  • @username123 said:
    “Televised football will always be second best to physically being at a match, whatever the level”

    • Even the play off final against Oxford? I’d rather watch that on TV than be down the rye watching a game on a Sunday morning personally, empty stadium or not!

    My memory is definately fading. I don't remember the play off final being on a Sunday morning?

    I am beginning to realise what was important to me about being a Wycombe season ticket holder and the actual playing of the match is only one element of it. I am starting to lose interest in games behind close doors. The real reason for those games happening have gone.

    Put the games on hold for a few weeks and start again in the New Year.

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  • I actually quite like having every Wycombe game at a mere click away.

    I like to watch my team rather than football itself so would never go to some non league game with no personal interest in it over watching my own team online.
    But each to their own and the gasroom has a generally older and more traditional flavour in general so am not surprised watching online feels alien.

  • I really find it hard to watch us on tv/iFollow. I feel more disconnected from it than I do from scrolling through Twitter or the BBC website.

    Probably just me but I quite like that sense of anticipation/impending doom from that notification buzz when you get an update come through and just before you glance at it to find out who has scored (admittedly not much fun at Blackburn this year).

  • Yep, the disconnect is really tough and it’s not the same as fans being in the stadium when watching on TV or us being there. However as I sit here watching the news right now about many businesses not opening, and industry like arts / theatre unable to open, I feel lucky that I still have a match to look forward to at the weekend and 90 mins entertainment / pain(?!) to sit through. I missed it over the international break.

  • What if pubs opened, paid all their staff and overhead costs but didn't let any paying customers in? Not really that much different to what football is doing.

    Unless of course the paying football customer is actually the one watching TV and those in the ground are just seen as part of the show?

  • Have to say I think Mr Middle makes an interesting point.

    Football exists to entertain people. That entertainment can be in person or on TV or even to a limited extent on twitter or newspapers. I can see the point of the premier and possibly the Championship - TV audiences still get entetainment from the product.

    Its hard to see what the lower leagues are achieving. It made sense perhaps at the start when it looked like it might only be a few weeks before live audiences could attend. But now it looks like it might be spring before crowds can return, what is the point of Conference or League 2 teams playing football behind closed doors with a frustrated (and perhaps diminishing) Iplayer audience watching distractedly more out of a sense of duty than for entertainment. Maybe it should just stop.

  • I must admit, I would rather go and watch a live game than Wycombe on a stream at present. Quite sad really, this is the highest ever level we have played at but not being able to attend the games is a real killer for motivation.

  • @glasshalffull I understand what you’re saying but my motivation isn’t to dissuade people from watching ifollow but merely to give information so people can decide whatever they want to do. I’m a great advocate of freedom of choice.

    There will be many more people who can’t access ifollow than do. I therefore see football in the wider context & if people get out of the habit of going to football I’m afraid there’ll be many that don’t go back.

    It’s not only the match itself that’s important but the experience - meeting up with your mates for a drink or bite to eat beforehand or whatever. Take last Saturday, a few of us met up for a lunch in Kings Langley then went to watch Kings Langley v Lowestoft. It wasn’t like going to Adams Park but at least it was a social occasion. Even Adrian Durham from TalkSport turned up.

    As it happens this coming Saturday I intend to watch Wycombe v Millwall on ifollow but I find the “experience” pretty hollow compared to live football. For those that can’t access (or don’t want to access) ifollow, surely it’s better to keep their interest in football boiling by watching some local match? You’ll always tend to find a Wycombe supporter to chat to. I can’t see us returning to Adams Park this season at all sadly but my interest in football won’t wane as long as I get to watch some live games - albeit Non-League Step 3 or below.

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  • Thanks for explaining your thinking, Andy. Like you, I love watching football at any level and in the last couple of years I’ve attended games at Maidenhead United, Marlow, Beaconsfield etc, but only when Wycombe weren’t playing for some reason. We all dislike the awful atmosphere at games behind closed doors, but I would always prefer to watch our club even if it’s only on my mobile phone. We also need the financial input that Ifollow provides, at this time more than any other.

  • The best solution then is to take your iPhone to a Non-League live game & watch Wycombe on your phone while also watching the live game. Men are very good at multi-tasking I hear!

  • Genius solution. Incidentally, I hope you asked Adrian Durham where his beloved Peterborough finished last season!

  • It is probably different for you though since you are actually still able to attend the majority of games and retain a strong personal affinity with the results. For normal fans with no face to face contact from anyone associated with the club for a number of months it is very easy to feel disconnected currently. The more new signings that appear (which are obviously necessary for the team to progress) the harder it is to feel it's 'your' team rather than a group of players indistinguishable to one another.

    Non league game over ifollow every day of the week for me.

  • Fair enough, but I can assure you that whenever I can’t attend a Wycombe game in person I will always watch on Ifollow. For all the sincere reasons people have given about preferring to go to non league games, I still find it curious that they pass up the opportunity to watch the team they support.

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  • I am sad that In our greatest Season I can’t go to games home and away. And I believe it would be safe to do so.

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  • I'd rather watch Wycombe on TV than go to a non league game, they are my team and I'm afraid I have no Interest in anyone else if they are playing

  • Risborough Rangers v Penn & Tylers Green MATCH POSTPONED.

  • Half time here at Phoenix Sports 0- Marlow 1

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