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I feel for the Blackpool fans...

And also fear for them and their club. What is going on up there! Their owner and chairman have attempted to take legal action against fans previously, and they're doing the same again now. They're suing individuals on a web forum for £150,000 for defamation.

Of course, we all know what it's like to have an owner who doesn't have the clubs best intentions at heart, and this just reminds us of how lucky we are to once again have a supporter-owned football club to cheer on every week. The situation we are in right now, promotion or not, as long as we have a team to support after everything we went through, we are winners.

I hope that Blackpool survive as a club - they are alienating more and more fans - although if we do end up in the same division next season, I'm looking forward to the weekend at the seaside.

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