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Has Gaz managed to achieve 'Legend' status now?

I think he has. What he has achieved this season is nothing short of miraculous. I can't remember enjoying a season so much since Sir Martin's reign. Interesting to note some of the comments from Plymouth regarding our manager, there are a lot of clubs that would like to have him i'm sure.


  • To turn things around in such a fundamental way from last season, it surely must rank up there with the all time great WWFC achievements.

    His endless enthusiasm and positivity seemed a little bizare during some of the dark days last season, but clearly it has worked in the long term. Our players fear no one and have an incredible togetherness that has really galvanised the squad to run through walls for each other.

    Gaz is up there with MoN in my mind. I just hope we can hang on to him for a few more years yet.

  • Amen to all that @Lloyd2084 just said.

  • Yes I think so. More than any manager in the last couple of decades, he 'gets it'. He understands the club

  • I think the word "Legend" is banded about for too easily and loses its stature as a result.

    There is no denying the incredible job Ainsworth has done turning the team around from last season, but I still think he's got a fair way to go before he could be called a legend. It's an absolute pleasure to have him as manager and I haven't enjoyed watching Wycombe Wanderers, or felt as proud of my club, as I do now since the Sir Martin era.

    That said I do think he is well on his way to legendary status and a win at Wembley will only help his cause!

  • Not a legend, yet. Gareth has done very well to get us to this point in only one season. I think we need to see what happens over the next couple of seasons before bestowing a sainthood on him.

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