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The FA

utter scum. anyone who has received an email from them recently knows.


  • They never seem to write to me.

  • Did they say they had eight million in stolen Afghan gold to.put in your account if you just send £200 for admin @LX1 ?

  • They told him his mother smells of elderberries.

  • I thought the people receiving them were scum until the final word; pray tell what did said email say to warrant its own scummy thread in the hallowed halls of the Gasroom?

  • 'I thought the people receiving them were scum until the final word'

    Why do you think this, pray tell? @NorsQuarters

  • Thank for clarifying a bonkers rule I Was about to contact Mr Johnson who of course has his finger on the pulse with all the rules involving lockdown

  • Try reading your post back without the word "knows", ie. the last word @LX1

  • To be fair to the FA , these barking mad rules are from Government not from the FA.

    It seems Govt cant work out whether the virus is super intelligent - it can differentiate between supporters of elite and non elite clubs - or staggeringly thick - apparently it is safe for elite supporters to watch the game on tv indoors in the clubhouse Bar but not outside in fresh air dispersed around a large field as long as the windows are obscured so that the virus doesn’t realize they are there.

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