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Could Adams Park be used as a venue?

Just a thought but maybe worth investigating? As it looks as though there won’t be any fans at EFL games before Christmas, could Adams Park be offered for a handful of local teams like Flackwell Heath, Holmer Green or Risborough Rangers to stage a game or two?
It would give football-starved WWFC fans a chance to see some live football and maybe make some extra cash for local grassroots clubs? It would be a Chance for WW to practise staging a football event with social distancing etc. Maybe some local clubs would prefer to play at home but it would be great for their players to play at a Championship stadium too?

P.S.: I now think it very unlikely we’ll see any live WWFC matches this season after this week’s new regulations statement.


  • I reckon we’ll be allowed back in in time to see us in the play offs

  • I think we'll be back watching before Christmas.

    It would just finish off too many clubs not to.

    In the meantime Adams Park is our house.

  • isn't the capacity for non league fixtures determined by the level of competition rather than ground capacity? [So 'Bury' have a lower limit than their hosts]. The existing facilities at local clubs are probably adequate and just as we wouldn't be keen to borrow another ground, I'm not sure if I were a fan of one of these clubs I'd enjoy an extra away trip. Home is home.

  • It is a nice idea. Although I imagine staffing AP for one game would probably involve additional cost that a non league team will be unable to absorb.

    I’m still holding some hope we’ll get in under limited capacity at some point this season.

    Killing off football clubs isn’t a good idea if you want to win elections for starters. And I imagine the government won’t like the unfavourable contrast between the UK and Europe if our friends in Germany, for example, continue to successfully admit a limited number of spectators.

    The EFL, Premier League and other sports bodies are also finally starting to push back at the double standard of allowing other recreational venues to operate while keeping stadiums completely closed. While I think most people accept there may need to be some prioritisation given for certain sectors depending on their significance in the economy, the idea that something like a skating rink is more important than a football club is faintly absurd.

    Then again, I thought we’d be back already so maybe I’m being too optimistic.

  • The government said the latest restrictions "could" last for 6 months.
    A lot of people seem to be taking that as a definite 6 months.
    Let's see how things pan out.

    It's a nice idea using the ground for lower games but presumably attendance levels are capped in the few hundred anyway making it probably a loss maker.

    And if more fans were allowed, then we'd just have Wycombe back playing and be done with it!

  • I can’t see it being anything but a cost to us. Were we Man U, allowing local clubs to use the facilities would be a lovely gesture and, I assume, affordable. Sadly not for us.

  • edited September 2020

    The prioritisation of certain activities over others is one of the frustrations of the pandemic, but I wonder if there might be some sense in it somewhere. Given that part of the 'strategy' is to ration social interaction whilst making some concessions where there may be economic interests, then a few people at an ice rink might be better than thousands or tens of thousands at football. The percentage of people permitted might be the same but the absolute numbers would make football more risky. I suspect if every non league club were at capacity one weekend then the government would put that under review. The idea on another thread of similar capacity limits at more activities did however look superficially attractive and more equitable, until you consider whether risk levels are comparable.

  • It seems unlikely the smaller clubs would want to give up home advantage, their usual facilities and services for what won't be allowed to be a much bigger gate, I'd also have thought our reduced staff are probably more than busy with the work they have already.
    It's a shame, I have a lot of time for us being good neighbours in normal circumstances.
    AP could of course be put forward as a testing venue, for NHS or community support, or even overflow for courts as I've seen with some venues. The access probably makes it a non starter as a drive in cinema or similar.

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