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Last ditch appeal

With only days to my half marathon challenge, my first for 27 years at the age of 62 and 3 years after a heart attack, the appeal to help Hearts & Souls who fund the marvellous South Bucks cardiac rehab is struggling for supporters.

Thank you to every-one who has donated, may your generosity grant you everlasting happiness but there is still time for those who missed out and will surely be condemned to eternal damnation or even worse, MK Dons, Luton Town or Oxford United .... quick, click on the link and save your Hearts & Souls! - (P.S. I wouldn't wish Bristol Rovers on anyone!)

Go on, have a heart! - read more about my appeal here …


  • Good luck on Sunday, Peter.

  • Ahhh, so the threat of MK, Looton and (we cup the egg cup in 1886) Oxford works!!!

  • I don’t understand that post, Peter.

  • I thought me threatening "eternal damnation or even worse, MK Dons, Luton Town or Oxford United" had persuaded you to make a donation.

  • Only bloody did it!


  • edited September 2020

    Just being able to do this run was absolutely amazing and this all started because of rehab (& Hearts & Souls), I would never, never, NEVER ever have I thought I could run a half marathon again 27 years after last running one just 3 or even 2 years ago .... and we did run the course (with stops) to the finish.

    I would never have reached this stage but for the support and encouragement from so, so many people throughout my recovery over the past 3.5 years, from cardiac rehab, WWSET FFIT, parkrun, YPOM, the doctors, nurses and specialists at practically every hospital within a 35 mile radius of High Wycombe for not just cardiac treatment and many others I can't recall at the moment.

    For yesterday's achievement I have to thank Codeine, Rivaroxban and Isosorbide for making this all possible, but more seriously Andrew King (who unfortuantly had to drop out half way, I hope he still gets a medal), Kris Chaplin, Jenny Hedges, Naa Noo Nicky and not forgetting the old soul who followed me all the way from FFIT Paul Szefer - THIS RUN COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOUR TREMENDOUS SUPPORT - THANKYOU ALL.

    Also not forgetting my daughter and her boyfriend Kaitlyn and George who provided chocolate swiss rolls at Cookham twice!

    Thank you to anyone who has made a donation, your support is greatly aappreciated!

    Maidenhead half marathon challenge

  • Well done Peter!

  • I know all this might seem a little irrelevant to the mighty Blues, but I have been a Chairboy for most of my life (that's a bloody long time now) and a lot of my progress was made through the WWSET FFIT programme.

    On wrote on my last blog - "Not being funny but I do see certain parallels between myself and the Wanderers as I like to think we both show a never die attitude. Following the Blues for so many years has given me an will-power to carry on with my own endeavours against whatever obstacles thrown in the way. During this whole isolation period it could have been so easy just to jack it all in but I still have an undying determination not to give up very much inspired by the positivity from the Chairboy's constantly battling and succeeding against the odds."

    That nicely leads me into my latest blog published today! ...

  • What an inspiring story. Well done @Jocks_little_helper

  • L> @Jocks_little_helper said:

    I thought me threatening "eternal damnation or even worse, MK Dons, Luton Town or Oxford United" had persuaded you to make a donation.

    I have made several donations to your cause(s) over the years.

  • Your support is greatly appreciated @micra

  • That’s better @Jocks_little_helper !
    As you probably gathered, I wasn’t receptive to obscure (and unnecessary) joshing.

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