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  • Hey guys. I noticed you do this 'opposition view' article and used a snippet of my blog post on the day's events. Congratulations, over the two legs you were absolutely the better side. If you want to read the entire article from my perspective, it's here:

    P.S, apologies for referring to Jacobson as your token tosser. I'm sure you guys love him, but his rolling around in the second half was hard to stomach, personally.

    I hope you do Southend in the final, Wycombe is a lovely place, and Phil Brown is a giant orange tw*t.

  • If I were a Plymouth supporter I'd be purple with rage. In the first half they looked like they'd never seen a football or each other before.

  • In close up on TV his knocks looked pretty painful.

  • Credit to the Plymouth supporters , absolute class in both ties.

  • Fair enough wingnut, I have to accept I'm biased too. From an away perspective, though, it was incredibly frustrating to see him play the referee with the whole "I need treatment, no I don't, yes I do" shtick.

    Of course, if that were any one of our players, goals up in a play-off semi, I have to admit I probably wouldn't take issue with it. Football, eh?

    All the best at Wembley.

  • Greenwithenvy - you can certainly be proud of your fans - best away following I've seen and heard down here in many a moon. Best of luck for next year.

  • I wasn't sure with the Jacobson injury, the Plymouth player went in very hard on him, yes he won the ball, but he certainly caught JJ in the follow through. Hard to tell how injured he was of course, but he was hobbling about for a while after coming back on.

    Actually, I think some of the stick we've had recently (especially from the Exeter fans) regarding our players going down injured has been unjustified. On Saturday for example our front 3 all went down for treatment, but all 3 were subbed due to their injuries, with Craig unable to play last night. I do appreciate it's frustrating for oppo fans, but I think our recent injury situation has been a lot more frustrating for us.

    I did find our substitutions rather embarrassing though, I know I'd have been fuming if i had been the other way around.

    Best of luck to Plymouth, always a good opposition with a great set of fans.

  • A good read that.

  • Yes, a bit like the articles you used to get on Cod Almighty maybe 10 years ago but not quite as cutting.

  • I know it's all 'part of the game' but I hate the time-wasting.

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