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Tonight’s local football (Sep 15th)

In this lovely weather if you fancy watching a local game this evening there are several Hellenic League games on offer locally (7.45 k.o.):


Flackwell Heath v Windsor
Holmer Green v Fairford Town


Penn & Tylers Green v Abingdon Town
Risborough Rangers v Langley


  • First ever game under floodlights at Holmer Green I think.

  • @floyd said:
    First ever game under floodlights at Holmer Green I think.

    At Penn & Tylers Green, Holmer have had them for years

  • another game under lights for Holmer at least. Good for Penn and Tylers tho, hope they get a decent turn out.

  • Tonight’s results:

    Flackwell Heath 1 Windsor 0
    Holmer Green 0 Fairford Town 4

    Penn & Tylers Green 2 Abingdon Town 0
    Risborough Rangers 5 Langley 0

  • Burnham 0 Reading City 0 with a crowd of 157.

  • Has Reading ever been a city?

  • That's what i thought so i double checked and yes that's their name.

  • Reading has pretensions to be a city, like Milton Keynes, and bids for city status whenever it can - so far unsuccessfully (like Milton Keynes).

  • Would they need to construct some kind of ghastly brutalist cathedral to be eligible?

  • Cities don't have to have to have a cathedral to be a city (eg Cambridge, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth amongst others). You can have a cathedral without being a city (eg Bury St Edmunds and Guildford amongst others)

  • Nottingham has a cathedral. I know because it was called Nottingham Cathedral. Admittedly built in 1844...before we were a City.

  • edited September 2020

    I believe the old link between cathedrals and cities applied only to Church of England cathedrals. Nottingham has I believe a catholic cathedral (as does Plymouth) but not have a CoE cathedral. The nearest CoE cathedral to Nottingham is in Southwell (which is not a city.).

    Just to confuse things even more, the cathedral in Southwell is known as Southwell Minster (rather than Southwell cathedral) but none the less is a cathedral. York Minster is the same. There are though loads of Minsters in other towns and cities that are not cathedrals though.

    All useful stuff if ever you get on Pointless or like me live a very sad life......

  • From a fellow saddo, Westminster Abbey had the status of a cathedral between 1540 and 1556.

  • Bit short-lived @mooneyman.

  • @DevC re Guildford having a cathedral but not being a city, their football team was called, you guessed it, Guildford City. We played them in the 60s in the FA Cup, I believe.

  • Reading City play in the Hellenic League.

  • Chelmsford City were another one (until 2012.)

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