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Wycombe is in the Championship

The greatest and most difficult journey starts today, made even harder by current world events.
Whatever happens over the next 9 months as a club we work together, support together and enjoy the unique experience of the journey. COYB


  • Been a Wycombe fan for 40 years and have never been so proud to support our wonderful club

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  • Big day today regardless of result. Massive pat on the back to all staff, players, volunteers and every fan who bought a ticket, contributed to any of the various schemes, applauded and vouched for this club over many years.
    Nothing at all wrong with being a proud non league club and a very successful one over many years, Huge achievements have happened under MON and now Gaz and Dobbo and don't forget the cup runs and ups and downs in-between, it's a huge achievement in the modern game that this club even exists.
    When we take on the likes of Forest and Bristol City and they tell us how small we are wear it as a badge of pride and just remember we heard it all from County and Rovers 5 years ago and look what we've done with our resources and what they've done with theirs.
    Enjoy it all, we'll get some beatings, we may go down ultimately but we've earned our stay and I'm sure we'll give it a go and make some dents in some reputations.

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  • @bs22chairboy said:
    Been a Wycombe fan for 40 years and have never been so proud to support our wonderful club


  • Very well said @StrongestTeam. Hats off to you.

  • Feels a little surreal not being able to savour the anticipation of wandering down Hillbottom, strolling across the carpark to,meet up with the boys in the Vere for a few pre match ales. That said I'm experiencing a different type of anticipation, we're in the Championship and deserve our place there, I can't wait to upset some teams and have fans from much bigger clubs throwing their toys out of collective prams due to our blatant shithousery that they obviously wouldn't want to watch every week......just after we've come back from 1-0 down to win 2-1 with a goal in the 94th min. Can't stop smiling. COYB

  • Not stopped smiling yet, I hope @Ozzie_the_Relaxed.

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