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Anyone else finding themselves getting a bit emotional ahead of Saturday?



  • was deeply under impressed by both Watford & Boro - we will certainly hold our own if they are Championship standard

  • @floyd said:
    Win 2-0 tomorrow and go top of the league!

    Not if Birmingham and Brentford draw or one of them wins 3-0. We want four!

  • Is it 4pts for a draw in this division then???

  • As a one-off, the table after the weekend’s games will be displayed in PPG format.

  • Did I have a senior moment @DevC ?
    Probably thrown by the fact that the iFollow table shows one point each to your old club and Middlesbrough.
    Not sure what I had in mind there. Simple fact is that, if either Brentford or Birmingham win by a greater margin than we do, we won’t go top. If we lose and they draw..........

  • At least we’re now third from bottom.

  • Watched a few championship games last season and I reckon we have a decent chance of getting enough results to stay up. Inconsistency tends to do for most of the teams below whichever two run away with top slots. The good thing is all we need to do this year is survive not satisfy an angry fanbase used to or demanding the Premier league gravy train!

  • Took me half an hour to get everything right but all systems go now!

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Matt Berry was in a (terrible) play in London with some other young actors off the telly and afterwards he happily posed for photos and signed autographs for my daughter and was very jolly. 'Thanks for coming out for this...' he said...with the emphasis on 'this'. @micra check out Toast of London and What We Do In The Shadows...hilarious.

    Also well worth digging into All4 for Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. Berry as Todd Rivers as Dr Lucien Sanchez is a pretty special turn. And Richard Ayoade is off the charts in it. Possibly my favourite comedy of all time.

  • Yes @arnos_grove I recall it as the most bizarre comedy I had seen at the time. I'm not sure C4 knew what to do with it.

  • Thanks chaps. Are the programmes quoted current/available on Catchup? For some reason I’m often told (on screen) that I need to upgrade or renew my subscription. I’ll get there. Still haven’t played the whole of the Boat Race clip @Chris . Waiting to share it with β€˜er indoors.

    Ah well, back to the AP scrap.

  • @Wendoverman when it finally came out on DVD they did an β€˜in character’ signing at Tower Records. It was so good.

  • @Chris said:

    hi @Chris - finally got round to the boat race. Made me and mrs micra chortle a lot. Absolute bonus to have the many additional videos that follow. Thanks a lot.

    PS hope Billings does his stuff again today. And how remarkable is Darren Stevens. @EddieMonsoon kindly invited me on to the County Cricket FB page but I only glance (very fine of course !) occasionally. You rarely hear the term β€œleg glance” nowadays.

  • Darren Stevens continues to be the best current English player never to play for England well into his 40s. I was worried that because of COVID we might not get to see him play again (much the same as Matt Bloomfield) but he goes from strength to strength and definitely earned another year’s contract.

    Looking good for the future with DBD, Crawley, Cox, Milnes part of a very solid core.

  • Another stroll in the park in Canterbury, led by two of our England players after a rare β€œfailure” by DBD. Shame they (Kent) were unlucky with the weather in the Bob Willis Trophy. But 27 bonus points. Remarkable.

  • Even more remarkable, @Wendoverman’s County managed 35 bonus points without winning a single game. Weather I guess.

  • @micra said:
    Even more remarkable, @Wendoverman’s County managed 35 bonus points without winning a single game. Weather I guess.

    For a moment there I thought Notts County were on a roll. Astounding I know from someone born within the sound of Trent Bridge at a time when Gary Sobers reigned supreme, but I have absolutely no interest in Cricket but I wish the boys well.

  • Is Bell-Dummond near an England call up @micra ? Always impressed me when I've seen him live but not watched him bat for a couple of years.

  • He must be in the selectors’ thoughts but I don’t follow cricket as closely as I used to, not least because I rarely read newspapers these days and, sadly, there isn’t much interest nowadays in the longer formats - certainly not at County level.

    I have been surprised at the faith in Joe Denly shown by the selectors and would have thought the much younger DBD had an equally strong claim.

    I think @Chris probably follows the game more closely than I do and I would welcome his views on the merits/demerits of Bell Drummond.

  • He’s never really pushed on in first class cricket (he still averages in the low thirties) so a Test call up would be surprising, and the England limited overs batting line up is stacked full of options. At 27 he’s a little too old to be seen as a future prospect so I think his career path is likely to be senior county pro and future club captain.

  • Especially with the emergence of Crawley.

  • Thanks @Chris and @micra

    Interesting how Crawley was talent ID'd with similar stats, albeit a few years younger. From a watching point of view I prefer watching Bell-Drummond and don't see how Rory Burns has better test potential.

    We have loads of talented batsmen now. Some will miss out

  • My own feelings too @Chris after looking into DBD’s career record and stats since my last post.

    Appreciate your indulgence in letting me have the occasional foray into the wonderful world of cricket!

  • Anyone else finding themselves getting a bit emotional about England's batting options?

  • Matt Roller from Cricinfo had a good article on Bell-Drummond just this week. Basically as Chris says, hasn't played for the Lions for a couple of years so nowhere near the England team realistically and is trying to focus on improving his white ball game.,-want-left-behind?ex_cid=GOOGLENEWSSTAND-RSS

    Not that anyone paid much attention to it last year but it was surprising to read he wasn't actually selected in the Hundred draft, would have thought he'd be a shoe-in. Then again Luke Wright was the very last selection and he's having another great season, so who knows what all these overseas 'expert' Head Coaches really know about the English domestic game.

  • Thanks for that link @Croider. Some interesting insights into the way DBD seems to be moving. As he says, age is on his side.

  • I've long been an admirer of Dan Lawrence and was hoping he'd get his chance sooner rather than later. He withdrew from the squad due to a family bereavement at the same time Stokes flew off to New Zealand to be with his father earlier this summer.

    I'd like to see him given a run in the side, as I think he's a better long term prospect than Burns or Sibley, unfortunately he's middle order. Difficult to dislodge Root, Stokes & Pope. He may well be able to do a job at 3 with Crawley moving up to open. He also bowls, which is always an added bonus, particularly given our sub-continent tours this winter.

    It would be interesting to see if Ben Duckett continues is upward trend and can come back into the selectors thoughts. Bracey, Lammonby and Jordan Cox are one's for the future as well.

    Finally, it would be great for Haseeb Hameed to re-discover his form. He started the year ok but hasn't really pushed on again...

  • Shows how narrow and ring fenced my cricket interest is (Kent and England), @Commoner, there were four or five names in your post that I’d never heard of.
    I think I’ve mentioned before that I accepted a kind invitation a couple of months ago from our old mate @EddieMonsoon to join the County Cricket Facebook page. I feel a bit of a fraud really as I’ve so little to bring to the table.

    I know @Chris supports (or at least follows) Kent and felt the need to mention the remarkable phenomenon that is 44 year old Darren Stevens.

  • I used to love a chat with Eddie Monsoon at away days about the cricket and football! We'd normally bump into each other in a real ale pub or train station once or twice a season. Hopefully be able to do so again in the future once we get the nod.
    @micra Darren Stevens is really remarkable, particularly as an all-rounder at 44.
    I'll be at Wendover Cricket Club this weekend with my son, anyone no anywhere with decent wi-fi so I can stream the game? Not sure Wendover cricket club have wifi?

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