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  • Great publicity, but anyone else getting deja vu?
    I think I've read almost the same article in about three papers now! :smile:

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  • Confirmation at least that we're trying to sign another goalkeeper!

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  • Also the clear inference that we paid a small fee for Horgan but no fee for Ikpeazu or Tafazolli - suspect the latter "fees" are performance related plus sell on components

  • Nice to see a couple of Posh fans getting their oars in in the comments.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover said:
    Nice to see a couple of Posh fans getting their oars in in the comments.

    With all the angry 'big' teams down there it will be quite a bun fight to get promoted as revenge for our real beef with Ipswich, but I would quite like the Posh and the Mackems to have another failed campaign as we romp to safety with three or four games to spare! :smiley:

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  • Not all the League One sides who'd consider themselves big can get promoted. Bun fight is the right term. Going to be fun to watch from a social distance.

  • More national coverage from the Independent and BBC

  • And the Times has an interview with Matt Bloomfield. Two interesting snippets - he shares a house with Pattison, Ikpeazu and a Danish trialist (wonder who that is).

    And his career was almost ended at 24 when he ruptured his ACL in a collision with... David Stockdale!

  • That Independent is inaccurate, hyperbolic, and patronising. Does rather a disservice to Gareth Ainsworth imo.

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  • What a great elevator pitch to Hollywood that Independent article is. Moves alot of dates and facts around to enhance a story that really needs no enhancing.
    It's all there. Just in the wrong order.

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  • Here's a new game. Scroll down the comments on any of these articles and see how many you have to read before you collect the words 'Dane' 'Cheat' and 'Whitehouse'

    Lowest score wins.

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  • The worst one was someone accusing Martin O'Neill of lobbying the FA to not promote Col U in 1992. It's no secret we were trying to convince the FA to promote both us and Col U, but I've heard nothing of that conspiracy theory. Is this news to everyone else as it is to me?

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