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Ted Rogers - the Honest Football Podcast

Tried doing a search to see if this had already been posted here, but nothing came up, so here goes:

excellent interview, he comes across as highly level-headed and articulate.


  • An interesting read, 1 hour but worthwhile

  • One of the most interesting podcasts I've seen.
    He's as honest being interviewed as he was on the pitch.
    Weve had far more accomplished defenders than Ted, but his commitment to the cause was never to be doubted.
    I somehow think Gareth would have liked Ted as a squad player to call upon. As he has all the attributes Ainsworth holds dear.

  • What a superb watch - glorious nostalgia remembering some of those times and players.

    Unsurprising to hear more evidence of how dreadful it must have been to play under Adams and Westley.

    Never realised he quit so young, 30! Coming into the game late, ending early, but you can tell he's so thankful for being part of the club. Superb.

  • I'd love to have a pint with him.

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  • I really didn't expect I'd watch all of it, given the time of night, but he is so articulate that it's a great watch and I could've watched for longer.
    Great hearing him talk so fondly of his time at WWFC, I can appreciate now why he still has such a good connection with the fans - no spoilers from me, you'll have to watch if you don't know.
    Loved the bit where he mentions Matt & Alan.

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