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EFL pilot events next week


  • 1,000 capacity for an LDV game against an U21 side. Under normal times this would be more than enough surely.

    Seems the feedback from the Brighton test event was good. Maybe we'll get a chance to see some football soon

  • I wonder if we'll have one - maybe the Swansea game. Would have thought the EFL and government would want as many clubs as possible to go through a test run.

  • I would imagine we are asking the question but it would be interesting to know if the clubs Covid plan has thrown up any problems that make it more difficult than Cambridge, Brighton or Blackburn.

  • With only nine days until the first home game, It would be interesting to know what the club's Covid plan is.

    Have they identified family members/groups already sharing a bubble and formulated a seating plan for season ticket holders when they can attend - hopefully in October?

    What is the procedure for ifollow passes/refunds for season ticket holders not allowed to attend in September?

  • I would imagine the 20ft wide access in to the ground is the biggest problem. Especially as their are no other alternative exits

  • I assume they are waiting until the very last minute to make announcements just in case they are suddenly allowed to let people in...the official rules from the top down could best be described as 'fluid'

  • Did I dream there was something stated to the effect that for the first BCD match ST holders not able to attend would be contacted by post with match day pass for ifollow and thereafter by email using the email address they use to access ifollow?

    The club can hardly give details of how supporters can attend matches when the current position is that games will be BCD.

  • If it's anything like ingress and egress at my kids' school it's going to be a bun fight.

  • This info appeared on the club site a couple of hours ago...

    More info to follow next week - presumably covering refunds for those who want them and multiple season ticket holders at the same address who only require one ifollow match pass between them.

  • Looks like Oliver Dowden will set out revised plans for gatherings at sports stadiums over the next couple of days.

    Not much detail given today but sounds like the Oct 1st date may be moved back and/or expectations for capacity levels at reopening will revised down.

  • edited September 2020

    From being slightly irritated we had to wait until October 24th (was it?) for our first potential attended home game, we're now hoping that 3 week window helps us out and things settle back a little by then.

  • If they are now blaming young people perhaps they'll just.let us old gets in?

  • Count me in @Wendoverman and I'll bring @micra down with me if he fancies it!

  • Kind suggestion @EwanHoosaami. Wouldn’t mind riding pillion if the weather’s clement but your boy might have something to say about that! As you know, I’m in the top category in those cases per age group stats and we’re doing OK but I was a bit aggrieved by the suggestion that the young folk should think about granny and the implication that grandads are expendable!

  • @micra we go down by car now, as there are 3 of us in this household that go. The 4th, I want a DNA test done on, as she has never had the slightest interest in any sport. Considering she is supposed to be the product of my wife and I, both whom have always been active in sport both as participants and viewing, I find it a little more than bizarre!!!

  • Sorry @EwanHoosaami bit late responding (as usual). I think the three of us were very much in jesting mode and it’s all completely academic for the time being anyway. I’m sure the old guy I’ve been giving a lift to for decades will still welcome lifts when the time comes. He’s a pretty spry 88.

  • No worries @micra
    IFollow have repeatedly auto replied to each of my emails with "someone will get back to you shortly". After the last email last night, they have further responded by stating that they are receiving a high volume of enquiries right now. No Shit Sherlock, did nobody bother telling them the season starts in full Saturday and even I could have told them that is exactly what would happen & to staff accordingly. They had clearly read that last email and replied accordingly, so why didn't they just deal with the enquiry there & then? I have offered to raise the problem with the credit card company and block payment until they do contact me to see if that will accelerate their response time. Brewery & p1ss up spring to mind.

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