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Cool Storage for a 2020 / 21 Season Charity Attendance Prediction Competition

edited August 2020 in Football

No season long competition for attendance predictions for our first season in the Championship, we will be putting our faith in one for the 2021 / 2022 Championship season and maybe there will be an opportunity to do something towards the end of this season.

To assuage the disappointment, @DevC and myself have been working together to try and ensure that the Gasroom Crystal Ball Gazers have opportunities worthy of this historic season.

We have come up with an idea for two separate competitions in one, an integrated brain teasing pair of competitions.

So apologies for no opportunity to predict big numbers at Adams Park week after week, or to reflect gleefully on the numbers who would grace the stands across the land. However watch out for an announcement of a Championship level charity prediction thread during this week.

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