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edited August 2020 in Football

Our first game of the season, in the Carabao Cup against Brentford, will be live on Sky.
Sunday 6th September, midday KO.


  • Does this mean unavailable on IFollow?

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    Does this mean unavailable on IFollow?

    One would presume. Was it ever confirmed to be on iFollow? I don't know a lot about the UK plans for iFollow streaming.

  • A taster of the weird kick off times we'll see this year

  • ££££££££££££

  • I was getting happy about this being televised, and then realized that is 5am my time.

  • You got a baby though right @shev? ;)

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  • Mornings, nights, afternoons. They become a blur.

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  • edited August 2020

    One of the awkward things to deal with this season, is you have all these extra midweekers jammed in, but then you have international breaks whether you or your opponent have 3 internationals or not.

    So you could have 3 games in 10 days, and then 10 days off.
    Then add in the higher amount of odd time tv games, and it'll be a blast!

  • edited August 2020

    @Lloyd2084 said:
    You got a baby though right @shev? ;)

    Ha ha - we have a two year old girl, and a boy on the way in December. The thing is, my daughter has generally been a great sleeper (7am is early for her), so when other parents complain about the lack of sleep and bags under their eyes, we have been able to nod sympathetically while punching the air internally.

    I have a feeling this coming Chairboy is going to be the opposite....

  • Dont want to worry you @Shev , but my two were complete opposites, one was so easy, the other, argh its bringing back the memories

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  • FWIW @Shev both mine were premature. The sleep deprivation was pure utter torture. Guantanamo would have been a holiday camp by comparison! Still brings me to a shudder 21 years on.

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  • (Reads posts by @HolmerBlue and @EwanHoosaami and gulps nervously)...

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