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Jack Grimmer signs new contract


  • Iā€™m confused

  • @Glenactico They tweeted about a new number 2, but in my excitement I didn't realise the yellow GIF just said 'BREAKING NEWS' and not 'BREAKING TRANSFER NEWS' so jumped the gun and assumed signing.

    Signed up until 2023, so a two-year extension? And number 2 shirt now

  • That's great news. Watching him in the play-off final convinced me of his quality, probably second place to Stewart for MoM.

  • Tremendous news indeed.

  • I think most people who read the tweet would have assumed that McCarthy or someone else would be signing.

  • That's a superb sign of faith in him.

    I think id forgotten how good a defender he is.
    MCarthy is an athletic masterpiece, general top guy and good attacking, but i don't think there's any comparison defensively.

  • This is great news.

  • Great comments from the lad himself - changed his life! Wow.

  • Until he got injured an excellent replacement for Macca. Who then returned to replace him. All power to the Gaffer.

  • This is a great bit of business. As with Dom Gape, securing the services of your key players is just as important as signing new ones, arguably more so.

  • Fully agree. I suspect we might sell Grimmer for a serious amount of money one day - he's a real talent.

  • Can you remember when people were saying Gape would not stay? What Gareth has built and IS building here is something to behold...and possibly something most of us never thought we would see at Wycombe. It might not last, but it's a long time since we could say we were confident we will hang onto good players, confident we will attract good players and progress rather than just fire-fighting in a desperate holding position. We are sorry to see good servants leave, but confident the management will replace them.Of course this is football and perhaps we are out of our depth and will get kicked in the underparts before very long but at the moment, you just have to smile.

  • @Last_Quarter said:
    Fully agree. I suspect we might sell Grimmer for a serious amount of money one day - he's a real talent.

    Yep - while we don't want to think about selling people - if they show they can cut it in the championship, fees will automatically be higher.

    You only have to look at the fees Brentford have got this last few years versus what they did in a lower tier.

  • Excellent news

  • Top player and great news to secure his I just want the return of the Mac I just being greedy now???

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