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Return policy for club shop

New fan from the US here. Louisiana more specifically. I bought a pair of shorts from the club shop online but need to exchange them for a different size. Anyone have experience with this process, specifically shipping overseas?

I filled out the exchange form on the site but haven’t received a confirmation email or anything giving me instructions. Tried to dm the club on twitter but no response. Just want to make sure I’m going through the process correctly if I try to ship the current pair back. Overseas shipping isn’t cheap!

Apologies if this doesn’t belong on this board. I’m pretty new to all this. Any help would be appreciated though.


  • Wouldn't be too worried about the club not responding very quickly. They are working with a fraction of the staff level due to the Covid. Even when buying 3 season tickets, it took an age to get a response & that was in excess of £1100. I do know that the club & in particular the Couhig family have proven to be very honourable & you will be attended to.
    Think at the moment patience will be key. I am still waiting for an item purchased mid June!

  • Sorry to piggy back off your thread (although I agree nothing to worry about, they will get to it in due course), but did you end up supporting Wycombe because of the Couhigs who are also from Louisiana?

    And to follow on from that question, how aware are people in thet state of Rob's achievements at WWFC? Has it created quite a lot of buzz?

  • Agreed - @LAwanderer , hope they sort your query out first - but how brilliant is it if we're picking up foreign fans!
    Never been a better time for it with ifollow showing every game now.

    I noticed there's also a @LAwanderer9 , . Do we have two LA fans?

  • edited August 2020

    @LAwanderer I had to do an exchange the other day - filled out the form and got a response pretty quickly. It will come from Mission Despatch, though, rather than the club themselves.

  • @Malone I think there's two accounts because I was a bit slow with the approval process so he / she tried again.

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