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Bury A.F.C

I happen to have a colleague that is involved in the Bury phoenix club, so I thought I’d share a short update on their progress for those that are interested.

The club now have a new manager appointed, Andy Welsh. He was previously managing Osset, having played for an assortment of league clubs.

A ground share has been agreed with Radcliffe, and the club have been accepted into the 10th tier, North West Counties League.

They’re currently trying to sell shirts in order to raise funds to cover the initial cost of getting a basic coaching and management structure in place. I believe they’ve started pretty well and expect to hit 1000 sales this week.

There is a nice initiative whereby supporters buying the inaugural home shirt will get their names incorporated into the fabric of the design. Similar concept to the wall tiles and the photo album at WWFC I guess.

Of course, like all clubs it is tricky for Bury to plan for the coming season in the current circumstances. But they are at least in a position to have a club again.


  • Thanks @Glenactico - I wish them well.

  • Hope things start looking up for them - why are they not using Gigg Lane?

  • I think the original Bury are still alive too?

  • I believe that Gigg Lane is still owned, heavily mortgaged, as part of the technically-still-functioning original club. As other Phoenix clubs have found, gaining access to original grounds is not always easy.

  • On that note, readers of this thread might be interested to know that Clapton CFC took full ownership of the Old Spotted Dog last week. It's been left in a horrible state by McBean so it will be a while before there's football played there again though.

  • edited August 5

    Would be nice to see the original Clapton FC return to the OSD one day, though impossible with Mr McBean still at the helm.
    Great news about the adjacent Old spotted dog pub (which had been shut for over 15 years) has just had planning approved to restore the old place and reopen as a pub. Very much looking forward to revisiting there someday soon.

  • Hopefully not to see us play @RogertheBandito. (My pessimism knows no limits).

    But would be great to see it back in action. A truly evocative away trip (especially in the evening) back in the day (once you realised it was NOWHERE near Clapton!)

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