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By far and away the better team over the two games, unfortunately. I've seen some knobs on this site over the last week and assume you know not all us greens are like that! Banter is one thing idiocy is something else. Any way, all the best and hope you beat Tango Man at Wembley. PS, if you want to send Holloway our way, please do! We are the bigger club after all


  • There was supposed to be a smiley face at the end of that, by the way.

  • Thanks,Green Army best away support & the loudest @ Adams Park.Good luck next season.

  • Met some top people at plymouth and last night. Superb fans. Look forward to visiting Plymouth again..hopefully in the Cup!

  • Your fans are a real credit to Argyle, fantastic noise. You made more noise than Pompey during their 0-0 draw at our place, but you were effectively 3 goals down.

  • "PS, if you want to send Holloway our way, please do! We are the bigger club after all". He's right of course - Big A was a total menace over the 2 legs, just love watching him in action - can't ever recall Wycombe having a striker of his type before. Does all the brutal stuff, but with bags of awareness and finesse.

  • I have to say although some Plymouth fans seem to suffer from big club syndrome they do have some top supporters. Spent a long time in the Vere Suite post match yesterday and there were a number of Argyle fans in there drinking with us. Fair play to them - I would have been totally devastated and gutted in their position, and couldn't face it. Proper supporters.

  • To be fair it was a big ask to come out in second half and score three goals AND then get through extra time. They are a good side so I would be disappointed with the performance over the two legs if it was us...but as it isn't I am delighted.

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