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Bayo in recovery after successful surgery


  • Get well soon

  • I am sure there is some kind of "We beat you on one knee" chant for Oxford at some point...

    Speedy recovery, big man. Your next game is as a second tier striker!

  • The side of being a pro sportsman that we don't normally see.

    Gaz mentioned his knee a few times, so let's really hope he's revitalised and ready to do his thing again asap next season.

  • Get well soon Big Man and I promise I'll get my books to you for signing soon!

  • What a fucking legend

  • Ego Replacement.......only joking!!!

  • @Kim_il_Swan said:
    Ego Replacement.......only joking!!!

    How dare you! It's not like he is a freaky despot dictator who travels with his own toilet!

  • Is this the same issue that seems to have plagued him for the past couple of seasons at least? And yet he's always played on. What. A. Legend.

  • A General with war wounds.

  • Presumably he'll now add a sub-11-seconds 100m to his game?

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