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Plymouth fans

Some broke seats, some trolled on here, and all of them seem to think that the number of fans a team has is more important than winning football matches. But five of them stayed behind tonight to applaud the Wycombe players. Shout out to those five people.


  • I thought the Plymouth fans were brilliant tonight as it goes

  • The ones I spoke to in the long wait to leave the car park seemed decent. All upbeat and hoping we win the final.

  • Save for a few bellends, which every club has, I'd agree with you @eric_plant. Never heard that much noise from the away end.

  • @eric_plant Brilliant? Boo the team off at half time, smoke bombs and scuffles with the police by the tea bar? I thought they stuck with the team at Home Park but let themselves down a bit tonight. Hope they all get home safely though

  • I didn't see any scuffles. Just thought the vocal support they have them throughout was excellent

  • A few idiots notwithstanding, I though the Plymouth fans were great, especially given how poor their team were in the 1st half. Both sets of fans were. We were were a little quiet for 20 minutes or so in the 2nd half, but apart from that the noise was fantastic.

  • I spoke to three of them in the car park after the game. Every one of them magnanimous in defeat and wished us the best for the final.

  • They were in good voice, and I must admit I didn't see any scuffles from my perch up in the Woodlands. Was pretty funny when we took the piss out of their 'Every little thing's going to be alright' song and low-rent light show when we went 2-0 up!

  • Talked to few late on in the Vere and they were decent fans apart from when I was asked "yes but what's your big team?" I responded "the team that's at Wemberly" that shut them up....

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