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Gareth Ainsworth interview 10 May 2019 on his 46th birthday

Gareth Ainsworth interview 10 May 2019 on his 46th birthday. This is 6 days after the season 2018/2019 finale, a one nil victory to the Chairboys.

When discussing the recent budget meeting:
“It’s going to be tougher”
“Tough to take, executed the 5 year plan”
“We go into next season systematically cut”
“We’ll do our best to get out of this situation”
“I wanted to keep 2, perhaps 3 of those players but was unable to due to the financial position”
“First time I’ve not been able to do what I wanted to do because of the money”
“But we’ve been here before”
“The first season we really overachieved with a next to nothing resource”
“It’s like we are back to the beginning again”
“My job now is finding the best replacements with a quarter of the resources some of those players were earning”

On keeping Dominic Gape after offering the out of contract midfielder a new deal:
“I’m sure we will have a few people trying to poach him away”
“It’s going to be hard work”

On the upcoming season:
“Listen I’m not about to shirk any challenge”
“We will go for it like we always do”
“We’re not about to lay down just because of money cuts here”
“It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be so, so tough”
“In adversity we’ve shown some of our greatest strength”
“It’s the Wycombe way”


  • 'It's the Wycombe way'

    Four words that mean so much

  • Wow. Sometimes we need to appreciate where we are compared to where we've been!

  • You’re so right, Malone. From Torquay to the Championship in just six years is a truly remarkable story.

  • That was the first time I saw GA just seem utterly despondent, which is more noticeable from a positive chap such as he is. I am so glad things took flight in the way they did for him!

  • I remember exactly that. Leaving aside the club for a minute I agree with @Shev. You really had to feel for him as a man back then and celebrate for him the journey he’s been on in a little over 12 months. Let alone since Torquay.

  • To get promotion then survive and then look like we were doomed to another relegation battle before a ball was had to admire his spirit, but yes, you got the impression this season might have been one too far and he might be forced to admit defeat. But then we got some money, played 'Bolton's kids', won every dodgy decision and stole points to lead the table by luck and bluff until we were handed an easy path to the Play-off Final by the EFL. Strangely he seems far less worried about being beaten every week, not winning a game, having no possession and going straight back down to League One. :smiley: All hail Gareth and Dobbo!

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