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Final League Table

edited July 2020 in Football

For the sake of those opposing fans who felt as though we had an advantage by playing less games in the PPG configuration, I thought it would be nice to publish the final league table, based on the three final games we played against very difficult opponents in Fleetwood and Oxford, and the two draws between Oxford and Portsmouth.

Top Eight Played Pts
1. Coventry 34 67
2. Wycombe 37 66
3. Oxford 38 62
4. Rotherham 35 62
5. Portsmouth 37 62
6. Fleetwood 37 61
7. Peterborough 35 59
8. Sunderland 36 59

Top Eight on PPG
1. Coventry 1.97
2. Wycombe 1.78
3. Rotherham 1.77
4. Peterborough 1.69
5. Portsmouth 1.67
6. Fleetwood 1.64
7. Sunderland 1.64
8. Oxford 1.63

It will be a relief to our bitter rival fans to know that, despite now playing an unfairly strong schedule (including Fleetwood four times!), and having played as many games as anyone but Oxford, we actually deserved to go up automatically, and were robbed by having to take part in the playoffs.

Not only that, but Oxford would ironically have dropped from 3rd to 8th on PPG, and Sunderland would not have made the playoffs either way.

So, for all those clamouring for us to play our difficult game in hand, we obliged by playing three against the form teams in the division. All's well that ends well.


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