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All were fantastic tonight. Pierre and Mawson particularly magnificent at the back to keep Plymouth largely quiet.

But a special mention to Alex Lynch, who grew into the game. Two great second half saves, that one where he pushed away at the near post in particular!

Wembley, here we come!


  • Thought everyone turned up today, really happy for Lynch. Have a feeling he's a good shot stopper, but his height just means he lacks presence, which unfortunately is key at this level.

    Hogan was brilliant today, I think he'll probably move on in the summer which is shame because we haven't seen the best of him. Use him properly and he can be a big asset, if it wasn't for the form of Saunders he'd have played more.

    Hayes and Holloway were fantastic as per. How far has Aaron come in one season?! Praying we can hold onto him as I'm sure these two performances will have attracted interest.

    Finally, Alfie and Pierre were brilliant yet again, and Jacobson put in a great shift. Only disagreement I had with Gaz tonight was switching Bean and Nico, as I feel Nico does just as good a job of cutting up play in the middle, and Bean seems to have found form at RB, and looked awkward again in CM.

    Nevertheless, job done.

    Great performance, even better season. Even if we go up or not I'm so proud of the players and the new culture the club has. Let's celebrate next Saturday!

  • To a man everyone put in a real shift. Unfair to single out anyone, but Holloway was outstanding again. I had a feeling earlier in the season he could come good for us at the end, and boy is he ever! Delighted for Lynch that he's made some terrific saves, that will do his confidence the world of good. Ephraim had a terrific game, got stuck in and wanted the ball right from the off and showed plenty of moments of class - a bigger contrast to his performances against Northampton and Morecambe is hard to imagine.

    Let's enjoy this moment while it lasts - an incredible climax to an unbelievable season after last season's dice with potentially the death of the club.

  • Hogan's best game in a Wycombe shirt, everyone outstanding. wem-beer-ley!

  • Can't add much more than has already been said. Alfie was everywhere, Lynch made a couple of top drawer saves, and Holloway was just immense but it's really unfair to single out individuals as every single man played their part.
    Que sera sera...

  • Amazing first half from everyone on the pitch and second half we done enough

  • @Jonny "Only disagreement I had with Gaz tonight was switching Bean and Nico"
    Actually I thought that was a good move by Gareth. Clearly a response to the triple substitution at half-time. Put the extra pace of Nico at right back and move Bean into a defensive midfield position.

  • Agree with @AlanB Was a good move after Bean was torn apart second half on Saturday. And to think it's been said that Gaz is tactically naive.

  • For those of us watching on Sky (I know - but work gets in the way) I quite liked that it took the commentators 30 minutes to notice. Despite Bean's chance in the first few minutes second hslf

  • I don't want to by cynical about Hogan, but I reckon he probably regards himself as a bit of a "big name" footballer. As a result, games in front of the cameras and 8,000 people really get him going, and he plays to his potential.

    On a rainy Tuesday in Accrington in front of 900 fans though, he struggles to give a shit.

  • Well at least he should be up for The final if called upon.

  • I agree with JS...I think Hogan was playing for a place at he looked a different player to the one I sometimes failed to notice was on the pitch at AP in the League. But if he scores the winner...

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