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Nasty Wycombe spoiling everyone's fun again

Pompey CEO Mark Caitlin 'angry' that Wycombe, Coventry and Rotherham get a vote on any potential L1 salary cap.

He might have a point actually but the fact that Portsmouth and Sunderland are leading the charge against any cap suggests they're keen to spend their way out of Division 3. Just like they did this year and the year before.


  • Personally I think teams like that spending a million or 800 or so grand on agents fees, not to mention wages and bonuses NOT to get promoted is quite entertaining.

  • These "Big" clubs are so horribly entitled aren't they.

    I wonder if they ever don't understand why other fans take such glory in their demise,

  • Just like they did this year and the year before.


  • "... they aren’t even going to be in the league next year? How can that be fair?" And there's the truth of it.

  • Ah, the old 'fairness' thingy. How can it be fair that the 3 teams coming down from the Championship, all of them likely to vote against the cap (according to Mark Caitlin) will not have a say whereas the 3 promoted clubs, voting intentions unknown presumably, will be voting? Nothing to do with self interest then? Of course not.

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