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Pitch invasion

Oh dear! I just read "Aston Villa are fined £200,000 for pitch invasions at the FA Cup quarter-final against West Bromwich Albion."


  • Wasn't that many, only a few I could count.

  • Looked a lot on TV. Lets hope they were all in good humour.

  • It was totally good humoured, even from the Argyle fans.

  • The Pitch Invasion at Villa Park was while the match was still being played. Both sets of fans remained off the pitch until the end. The police and Stewards formed two lines so that there was no direct contact. Two very sensible controlled group of Football fans.

  • Don't be silly. Villa was chaos during the game. This was after the final whistle.

  • I think we're ok

  • I just read someone wrote a letter to Martin O'Neill demanding Jason Cousins be sacked after the Doncaster game.

  • Grown men running in the pitch should be ashamed of themselves..... haha

  • I understand why the fans do run on but it means the players are unable to do a lap of honour which is a shame.

  • I am glad it all passed off without incident but the sort of thing seen at Villa spoils things for everybody. Pitch invasions are not seen as desirable by the FA no matter how good humoured they might be.

  • God sake get a life, its all good natured and its increasingly what happens after everyone of these games. You wont stop it.

  • Yes, I agree but that is not how those in charge usually view it.

  • On the bright side I was able to get to my car quite quickly while you were all rolling about on the turf.

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