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Micra’s tattoo

We need a single thread to track progress and suggestions for the tattoo that @micra promised to get if Wycombe were promoted. Maybe BEAST MODE right across the chest? Or perhaps a “shitty milk” tramp stamp?



  • Whatever it is, I hope it's mispellt...

  • I'd like it to contain a grammatical error

  • what about the simple inscription:

    1 Allsop
    19 Grimmer
    5 Stewart
    21 Charles
    3 Jacobson
    7 Wheeler
    4 Gape
    28 Ofoborh (Thompson 62)
    10 Bloomfield (Pattison 45)
    25 Samuel (Akinfenwa 62)
    23 Onyedinma (Freeman 90)

  • "Choirboy's" should do it on both counts.

  • Could be sending an entirely unintended message too.

  • Something related to his obsession with heights

  • ‘Up The Wyc’

  • That could work on the buttocks.

  • As could "Up The Wyc" for that matter.

  • Something ‘truly’ or ‘almost’ unique.

  • Wycombe Heights? Covers @Malone’s weird perception of some kind of obsession on my part. Also reflects the passage of time between my playing days at that challenging course and potentially imminent admission to the care home of that name in Downley.

    My favourite suggestion so far is @MindlessDrugHoover’s. I can’t afford @our_frank’s suggestion and @drcongo’s would entail excruciating depilation over a wide expanse of chest.

    Quite like the brevity of @ValleyWanderer’s suggestion. Obviously it’s the scoreline that got us into the Championship but, more importantly, it got me into second place in the final Wycombe Homeless Connection table. Cheap, too.

    As I’ve said in another thread (can’t remember which one!) in response to @mooneyman I need to seek medical advice before going ahead as the passage of time has a deleterious effect on the epidermis and it may not take kindly to repeated needle jabs.

    Plenty to ponder.

  • @arnos_grove said:
    Something ‘truly’ or ‘almost’ unique.

    Aah Arnos, a particular bête noire (forgive me Bayo). On a par with “as best as we can” instead of “as well as we can”. And let’s not start on “the reason is is that...”!

  • I thought he originally suggested getting it on his todger!

  • In which case it should be "Wilfred Oluwafemi Onyedinma"

  • Or "Fred"

  • I don’t want to be a killjoy, but I feel duty bound to remind @micra that you don’t have to give in to peer pressure if you don’t feel comfortable.

  • But there must be a 'fine' for welching - has the username @SickNote been taken yet?

  • @Jonny_King said:
    I don’t want to be a killjoy, but I feel duty bound to remind @micra that you don’t have to give in to peer pressure if you don’t feel comfortable.

    Even if the tattoo is "Jonny is my king" right across both cheeky cheeks?

  • @malone No, I would be ok with that.

  • edited July 2020

    @micra I offered "JJ" on a previous thread relating to brevity (which you politely rejected). But if brevity is what you're still looking for, and JJ is off the list, then how about "1.74"?

  • and you only need to tattoo the "1" & the "74"

  • Heights of all the players from this season's squad all tattooed down an arm? For immediate viewing pleasure?

  • B E L I E V E ?

    Right across the knuckles

  • I'm sure if you just find out the % of possession we've had over this season it would be a relatively painless operation and a very discreet tattoo wherever it is located.

  • Just come off the phone after a very long conversation with a former London colleague who is a lifelong Charlton fan (as was my late brother). They’ve got Wigan at home and Birmingham and Leeds away so I fear we may not be having our fifth meet-up. Just as well perhaps because he reminded me that the Addicks have won all four previous encounters at Adams Park.

    Earlier, I had nearly an hour talking to a friend in Bournemouth. He compared out “journey” over recent years with Bournemouth’s. Some parallels of course but can’t really see them continuing.

    So, what with those calls, gardening, visiting (at her front door) a friend of mrs micra’s on her 99th birthday and cooking the evening meal, I’ve only just caught up with all the suggestions. Had a few chuckles, not least over the versatility and money saving aspect of the anal orifice.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I now have a shortlist of suitable inscriptions and, once I have the go-ahead from the medics, will try to arrange a consultation with the Fox Tat folk.

    I think it was @Mr67 who introduced the idea of embellishing his todger @mooneyman; modesty and fear of needles in that vicinity rule it out for me (and, in any case anything more than ‘Fred’ or, if it turns chilly, JJ would be too much of a challenge for the tattooist).

  • Just to be clear @micra, this thread was merely for a fun distraction and you’re definitely under no obligation to go through with this.

  • I would echo that. You’ve had the sense to get to however old you’ve got without defacing your body. Imagine getting JJ tattooed only to find in a couple of years he becomes the new David Icke. It’s not worth it.

  • edited July 2020

    Yeah don't get one @micra
    Tattoos are truly horrific

    (runs off before tattoo types get abusive)

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