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League Two play-offs

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As expected, this Col U - Exeter game is absolutely insipid. Who thought it was a good idea to play the play-offs off the back of two and a half weeks' training? Good thing we'll have had twice as long.



  • Have they allowed supporters to attend? Atmosphere seems the same as before lockdown?

  • One thing I've noticed is the quick and, particularly, physical players have got the upper hand here. I know we'll have trained twice as long, but you'd expect to see an element of that in our games. Bodes well...

  • Most play-off first legs are incredibly cagey aren’t they?

  • yes

  • @floyd said:
    Most play-off first legs are incredibly cagey aren’t they?

    Yes, but this is just two teams that clearly - and unsurprisingly - aren't match fit.

  • Exeter’s kit is the worst thing so far.

  • They shouldn't even be wearing it!

  • I’m assuming the timing is too tight to get the same shirts ready for the second leg.

  • Next leg isn't until Monday, but I assumed they'd wear new shirts for each game.

  • And why are ColU not in stripes?!

  • Yes having watched parts of the games last night and parts of this one (as I am supposed to be working!) I am not sure we have as yet returned to footballing 'action'. :smile:

  • I am not usually prone to optimism in these things, but I am encouraged by the Plymouth Play-Off SF experience in 2016. Argyle had come to us on a Tuesday evening in the Jan/Feb of that season and outplayed us to win 2-0 (Alessandra had a good game, I recall). But when it came to those SF matches, Gaz and Dobbo had a clearly planned to exploit Argyle's vulnerabilities and the team looked supremely confident. We went at Argyle positively from the outset and took them by surprise, with Alessandra not really getting into the game.

    So here we are again, with one of our last games before lockdown being a limp defeat to Fleetwood on a February Tuesday night, where they had much the best of the game ...

    Here's hoping.

  • We wouldn't have lost that game with Thompson in the side.

  • @floyd said:
    And why are ColU not in stripes?!

    That's their normal home kit this season, looks like they've had a few down the years tbf.

  • Paris enters the fray...

  • By the sounds of it I'm pleased not to have bothered with today's game then.
    Will probably dip in for the second legs though

  • Northampton v Cheltenham so far is a bit like watching Sunday league down the Rye

  • I wish they would add the canned crowd noise. Makes it much more watchable

  • @Glenactico said:
    I wish they would add the canned crowd noise. Makes it much more watchable

    Next step for PL televised is to apply a cgi crowd

  • Great dive from Harriman to win the pen. Bloomfield esque

  • And is that the Gasroom's own @glasshalffull on commentary duty? If so, 20 minutes in and no mention of the mighty Blues? Poor work Alan.

  • @Glenactico said:
    I wish they would add the canned crowd noise. Makes it much more watchable

    Are they only doing that for the Sky games then? I agree it made it a lot better

  • Its only for some premier games

  • Two truly crap games so far.

  • The teams have no chance after such little preparation time. A total lottery

  • League 2 is awful anyway have we forgotten so quickly ?

  • Good to see Mr Parry apologising for bad language, I can only assume @Chris has snuck into Sixfields this evening.

  • We'll only have had 3 and a half weeks training, since we started a week later than League 2. Hopefully enough but still imagine it will be pretty slow going the 1st leg.

    One thing the studio highlighted was the contrast between Exeter not having any friendlies and Colchester organising a couple against Championship teams, including playing Millwall at home just last week. Could be an issue for us finding opponents if Gareth wanted to organise any games, now that the Championship is off and running and other teams are presumably still on furlough. Perhaps Barnet if they are in the play-offs in the National League will fancy a game?

  • And well done Alan Parry for name checking Michael Harriman as “the former Wycombe player”.

  • @chairboyscentral said:
    They shouldn't even be wearing it!


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