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Football fans mental health survey

Hi everyone,

I have asked permission to post this and I am okay to do so. I am researching the mental health of football fans in English professional football by undertaking a nation-wide survey. This survey is intended for anyone aged 18 + who currently lives in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland and is a fan of a team within the English professional leagues. It is concerned with understanding the mental health of fans of teams in English professional football and also how fans' mental health can be best supported and promoted in the future. The survey is anonymous for people to complete and does not require participants to give any contact details, such as email address. All research and personal data will be stored in electronic format, which will be encrypted/password-protected, and will be accessible only by the researcher and their supervisors.


I'm looking to engage with football fans across England and across the leagues and would be really grateful if people within this forum could complete the survey and provide information on how you feel Wycombe supports fans' mental health.

I'd also be really grateful if you could help raise awareness of the survey by posting in any other fan groups you may be apart of or by engaging with the twitter page @FootballFansMH

If anyone does have any questions regarding the survey please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


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