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What are we doing in preparation for the rain?

10am-8pm tomorrow is heavy rain!


  • Wow. Lots of panic about some rain.

  • I've got a pakamac

  • @blueh_w tells me the FA have confirmed that rain means the tie ends after leg one.

  • Well I did see Max Crotchmar down 'The Octagon' earlier. He was in Mike Keen Sports buying some Sondico boots with long studs .... So reckon we'll be ok

  • I doubt we would cover the pitch, if it gets called off thats another 24 or 48 hours for our players to get fit.

  • Is there any lighting planned, just in case we go behind?

  • Given that it's at night, lighting may be required I feel. As for the rain, I'm planning to wear something waterproof.

  • I'm taking a brolly, so don't stand behind me

  • Not sure you guys are taking the possibility of the match being postponed or abandoned too seriously! As one who was accused last year of being a latterday Michael Fish, I hesitate to comment but there is certainly a risk if the forecast turns out to be accurate. Compacted dry soil is not the most absorbent substance. However, I understand that the pitch has been spiked (or whatever the term is for making lots of holes in it - aerated??)

  • I was that accuser micra but you proved to be correct at the time ...I agree with you , there is one hell of a lot of rain forecast and our pitch ain't in the best shape anyway

  • Hire one of those machines they use on cricket to clear water off pitch. Think it is called a blotter or something like that.

  • @AttitudeEra I have spoke to a FA insider too, who can also confirms that the tie has ended after one leg, due to the WeatherClause.

  • Don't worry guys. Forecasters have started to play down very significantly the amount of rain we are likely to get. The offending low pressure system now looks to be slipping in a more southeasterly direction towards northern France. Fingers crossed but it looks much less of a threat.

  • I work a 5 minute drive from Adams Park. Drizzled for much of the morning but nothing heavy like forecast. Looking like the pitch should hold up....touch wood.

  • Pouring down now.

  • Soft in the town centre, pubs filling up

  • Best to stay in the pub! don't wanna be getting wet

  • Next 3-4 hours look a bit dodgy but we were expecting something like 10 hours of heavy rain in the original forecast so it could have been much worse. Let's all keep everything crossed!

  • Heavy rain nothing special

  • Light drizzle - kids stuff. man up @micra

  • @kiscokid : "man up" ! Bloody cheek - I'm the one who has been trying to put a positive spin on the situation.

  • '@wwfcofficial: We have no concerns at all about the pitch - the rainfall at this rate is helping the pitch with no signs of waterlogging at all. #WYCvPLY' - From the official twitter account. Dont worry people.

  • Sounds good to me. Everything now uncrossed.

  • Now let's go and win it. COYB

  • Rain affected m25 though. Sat nav eta currently 7:20, running shoes ready

  • Only a its persistenting down in the cars heading South west

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