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WHC PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never expected at the start of the season to write that.

Just to confirm the rules to end the season.

1) playoff semi finals and final (if WWFC get there) will count
2) normal scoring will apply (in the final WWFC would count as the AWAY team). Score at 90mins will apply (extra time does not count. nor do penalties).
3) In the event of a overall tie, the winner will be determined by 1) most points gained in the regular season 2) most points gained in the final game played 3) most points gained in the penultimate game played. If still no winner, we'll just cut the bloody shirt in half......
4) My decision on changing the rules is final - no legal challenges allowed - sorry Darragh....

Predictions here please ladies and gentlemen for all games starting with Fleetwood away.



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