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Wycombe Wanderers achieve their best ever league finish. Asterisk? Everyone's got an asterisk this season. No one can take this away from us. Whatever happens next, this is cause for celebration ?



  • Put the asterisk champagne on ice!

    What an achievement. No matter what happens in the playoffs, this group of lads managed to come 3rd in League One on a fraction of the budget of the big boys. Take a bow, GA, Dobbo, the players, and all the backroom staff!

  • Incredible scenes!

    To eclipse the league achievements of Sir Martin is a truly amazing achievement.

    Rob C, Gaz, the team and all involved deserve huge credit for their efforts on and off the pitch. The dignity shown has been a credit to all involved.

    Whatever happens in the play-offs, this season has been quite remarkable.

  • "3rd in the league on unweighted PPG, we know what we are."

    The fact we achieved it surfing on the salty salty tears of Peterborough, Sunderland and Oxford fans somehow makes it so much more enjoyable.

  • we had, what, 8 players show up for the first day of pre-season? Extraordinary. I hope GA and Dobbo allow themselves a small celebration tonight.

    Three games from the Championship. This could define our club for a generation.

  • Great News.

  • I'd like to see the club splash pantomime style OTT celebrations all over Twitter and tag Darragh MacAnthony just for a laugh.

  • Does anyone have a copy of the final league table? @chairboyscentral?

  • I can not wait to read the saltiness from those that missed out, this will be glorious lol

  • 'Same old Wycombe always benefitting from a ridiculous PPG system...' Whatever the play-offs bring (and I was always optimistic we would have been in them had the season played out anyway (possibly) ) what a great achievement for our club. And let's face it it was all down to us and our unfailing support!! :smile:

  • Oh please someone do an ‘Opposition View’ aggregating our jealous friends.

  • Fantastic. This group of players and management team are now officially all-time club legends.

  • absolutely beautiful. Thanks @Shev.

  • Also congratulations to Coventry and Rotherham. Rotherham’s promotion is pretty remarkable too given the teams in L1 this season.

    Coventry deserved promotion for that 2 Tone kit alone.

  • @Lloyd2084 said:
    Also congratulations to Coventry and Rotherham. Rotherham’s promotion is pretty remarkable too given the teams in L1 this season.

    Coventry deserved promotion for that 2 Tone kit alone.

    Good point @Lloyd2084. I said at the time that the performance Coventry put in at AP over Xmas was one of the finest I'd ever seen. There was no doubt in my mind they were going up automatically after that.

  • Agree about Coventry...the were a cut above. Not sure Rotherham were that great but I can live with it if it costs those teams of Wycombe haters below us.

  • Play-off dates TBA then, maybe we will get a bit longer - although I suppose that would depend on getting players to sign one/two-week extensions

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Agree about Coventry...the were a cut above. Not sure Rotherham were that great but I can live with it if it costs those teams of Wycombe haters below us.

    Rotherham really came on strong after we beat them. This is their third promotion from L1 in seven years.

  • Third in the third division.

    You can say what you like about only having played three quarters of the season, or speculate about what might have happened in all the remaining games. But Wycombe finished 3rd. Wycombe Bloody Wanderers, 3rd. In the third division.

    In Sands cottages in twenty years time, surely children will chant the names: Allsop; Grimmer; Jacobson; Stewart; Charles; Gape; Thompson, C.; Bloomfield; Onyedinma; Akinfenwa; Wheeler. In Castlefield semis, they will ask, "Dad, what was it like to see Paul Smyth and Alex Samuel run at the opposition?" Even in Kingshill, "Tell me again, Mum, before I go to bed, about that reverse pass from Freeman to Kashket?"

    Maybe we'll hit the ground running in the play-offs like we did the normal season. Maybe we'll look like we haven't seen a ball in four months. Regardless, this season should always be remembered as a thing of amazement; from the least promising close-season circumstances, to have scaled such extraordinary heights. Heroes, all of them. Heroes! We may never see their like again.

    "Haggerty, F., Haggerty R., Tompkins, Noble, Carrick ...".

  • It's worth saying that according to Darragh MacAnthony only 4 teams voted in favour of playing on. Assume that Peterborough, Sunderland and Tranmere were three of them, that means that only one of Fleetwood, Oxford and Pompey voted to continue. Possibly none of them did.

    Firstly, quite hypocrotical given their "gang of six" joint statement. Secondly, that can now be the end of us being beaten for voting to stop then playing in the playoffs.

  • As far as I know, Ipswich wanted to play on because their season ticket rebate would be massive, but Pompey's CEO was disappointed that it's over apparently - so I assume one of those two. Not that it matters now!

  • A few seasons ago, my Arsenal-supporting friend took me to Arsenal v Sunderland in the Premier League.

    We just finished above Sunderland.

  • “We’ve been cheated. I feel so sorry for the chairman, the board, the manager and especially the fans. We set our stall out to win promotion this season and we felt we still had a great chance to achieve it.”

    Barry Fry ladies and gentlemen. Shoulda woulda coulda but ultimately didn’t. We could be sitting here right now moaning about missed chances to secure an automatic spot (which arguably we may well have achieved but you know, there’s a global pandemic going on) but we’re not, we’re celebrating a play-off place.

    Maybe if they hadn’t given away that 90+3 penalty eh?

  • Hilarious that Peterborough have clearly been stitched up by their 'big 6' mates

  • Peterborough employed Steve Evans two years ago. It's an extraordinary lack of self awareness that allows them to bleat on about the integrity of the game

  • Can one of you wonderful people get a link up from the Sunderland and posh forum's?

  • Magnificent achievement.

    Unfortunate for some clubs, not unfair, three games probably inside of two weeks for four teams is clearly a bit different and more realistic than 23 teams playing out 10 rounds over months and that's shown by the overwhelming vote. Any other form of PPG, delay or rule change would have skewed the competition even more.

    Either way we know where we started and where we've all been since Torquay away them years back, rebuilt, straight to the playoffs, eventually up automatically at Chesterfield and now play offs again, a few extra class players brought in at the last minute to add to a threadbare squad and we've done magnificently to get the points we did. Wish the boys all the best and maybe we can be the smallest tin pot in the championship like they said we were in L2.

    Some other fans don't like it, like we give a single....

  • Definitely one of best moments as a Wycombe Wanders fan in my 9 seasons of being a supporter. Let's give this playoff our all. COYB!!!!!

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