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Nathan Jones reappointed as Luton Manager


  • He needs to start well there!

  • I assumed that's where they were heading when Graeme Jones was let go "for financial reasons".

  • He packed his bags, as I recall

  • "mutual agreement" but also "to reduce the cost base". So subtle, these Bedfordshire types.

  • He'd been gone too long.

  • edited May 2020

    'Nine huge games ahead of him?'...apologies if I did not get the memo but is the Championship definitely carrying on then?

  • @drcongo said:
    He'd been gone too long.

    Yeah probably should have gone with that

  • aaaaach ... fancy missing that. Should I resign?

  • Luton suddenly became the best team in the's just 22 other teams have more points.

  • Some entertaining posts on Outlaws forum tonight.

    β€œWhat a week! First Cummings, now Judas. What next HM Queen arrested for running a brothel??? Nothing surprises me anymore.”

    Plus talk of hanging a Judas banner / flag in one of the stands - love it!

  • Beautiful couple.... always knew they'd get back together ❀

  • So funny. Football is great innit

  • Aiming for Martin Allen's record?

  • He was mad to go when he did with promotion so close. Mad to go to a proven basket case club like Stoke. Obviously not mad to take the big wedge I assume he got.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    He was mad to go when he did with promotion so close. Mad to go to a proven basket case club like Stoke. Obviously not mad to take the big wedge I assume he got.

    I never did understand why he left when he did. I'm pretty certain he would have had much better offers at the end of the season that Stoke.

    I put Stoke into the same 'basketcase' group as Sunderland. Apart from receiving large pay-offs why would managers go there.
    Both are proven to be like trying to turn an oil supertanker in a bathtub. Simply not going to happen

  • Three and a half year contract at Β£40,000 a week was his reported salary at Stoke @Wendoverman. You can afford to buy top quality crisps on that income!

  • Immediate cash and self belief are the main reasons, if he succeeded at Stoke he would have been looking at a shot at the top league and beyond. Have to remember the difference in facilities and setup as well and what would have happened if they'd either flopped going up or got up and lost 9 or 10 games straight.

  • @mooneyman hmmm yes put it that way and I can see his dilemma and I understand what you're saying @StrongestTeam but he missed out on a promotion on his CV and Stoke would have needed another manager pretty sharp after the end of the season anyway. I suppose it's the same as Cloughie leaving Burton to just about win the Conference (Having been they were about 1000 points clear when he left) to take over at Direby. Has the Rev said...'It has made me a better manager...' yet?

  • Stoke aren't in Sunderlands league for madness surely.

  • @Malone not madness at the top, I think Stoke is a reasonably well run club...I think their present problem is player power. Once that is sorted, they will probably make a run back to the Premier League again under a decent manager. I think the Rev was thrown in to run a squad that had already managed to get shot of two decent Championship managers...and sadly believed he was the one to turn it around.

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