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Wycombe youth team class of 10/11

Max has done a blog on our talented youth team from 2010/11.


  • Good read that ! That was a good youth team !! A few names I'd forgotten and I few I actually didnt know..... if only we could have an academy again

  • That really was an unbelievable haul of talent for a club our size

  • That was indeed a good read, thanks for posting. That was quite a team wasn’t it.

  • What a good look at a talented group. Max was so close to being a major talent too.

    Makes me sad to think what could have been in future years. Hope we can get this talent pool going again soon.

  • Richard Dobson said on the ringing the blues podcast that the group coming through after that team were even more talented.

    Such a shame we never got to see them progress before it all got disbanded

  • Reading this it does even more to cement Dobson’s place as a Wycombe legend. Look at the money we made out of the sales of those players. Without that it would be hard to have seen us in anything like the position we are now

  • What a talented youth team. We did develop some very good players.

  • It would be interesting to see at what age all these players came to Wycombe, and how that relates to our B team proposal. I understand that a fair few joined quite late, when they didn't get YTS deals elsewhere, which I believe would be our plan going forward?

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