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The You Choose Cup - FINAL!!!!: Brentford v Nottingham Forest

After a month of daily votes, it has all come down to this. I am starting this final early with a deadline of 11pm BST tomorrow, so that the winner is apparent/announced at a fairly reasonable hour over there.

So, with the EFL clubs having been whittled down to just two, who do you want to win the first and only You Choose Cup? Which fans will be celebrating with champagne in their living rooms tomorrow night?

In the red corner: Brentford! In the.....other red corner: Nottingham Forest!

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      A close final so far, with Forest catching up after Brentford got all the early votes. Brentford fatigue kicking in for some?

      Interesting thought: If Forest win by more than a half vote, it will mean Fulham are actually the second most popular side, as they lost to Forest by that half vote.

    • This is actually the first time in the whole tournament when I'm not sure who to vote for, like them both

    • Going for the underdog in these later rounds.

    • Alfie Mawson was an element to be considered but Midlands heart over my sainted life in the South East for me folks!

    • Jason Cousins
      Terry Evans
      Terry Howard
      Aaron Pierre
      Alfie Mawson

      Easy to get to

      Pub on every corner

      Covered terrace

      Friendly supporters with no hint of big club syndrome which afflicts other teams

      Some belting games over the years

      Not even close is it?

    • When is the open top bus parade planned Shev?

    • @mooneyman - with their lack of recent trophies, I may have to communicate this to the club privately, as they may want to wait to make the announcement lest their fans flood the streets in a state of unbridled joy.

    • But seriously, I think I will start a thread titled 'You just won a cup without playing' on their forum, to see what the reaction is.

    • ha, paste the link back here when you do please

    • @Shev said:
      But seriously, I think I will start a thread titled 'You just won a cup without playing' on their forum, to see what the reaction is.

      Do please ! .... they'll prob come back with "we hate you lot"

    • Will do!

    • Sam Saunders,
      Nico Yennaris,
      Dobbo himself, and all of our youth team sales as a result,
      Several youth team guys who played a combined 10 mins

      Feel a bit ashamed to have voted for Forest now but would really love to go to Forest away next season.

    • Suitably, this final has broken the prior record (58) of votes for any one round, and is the first to reach 60 votes.

    • I'm buzzing with anticipation

    • Good to see you back @LX1

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      Thank you to everyone for taking part, and I will post a link on here once I have had a chance to start a thread on the Brentford forum.


    • Well done @Shev ! Top stuff

    • Cheers @HolmerBlue!

      Here is the link to the thread on the Brentford forum now too:

    • Surely you could have offered them a “maybe see you at AP for next seasons league match”.....

      Thanks for organising this Shev. At times surprising and a good diversion. In the end though I think the pre-comp favourites won.

    • Thanks @DevC - the irony with the second tier doing so well, is that this time next season, most of them will be saying they would not want to watch us every week!

    • Cheers@drcongo been horrible.

    • LX1LX1
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    • LX1LX1
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      bit disappointed about the 'big club' voting in this poll.

      Neither liked nor disiked Wednesday before this. Now I will always hope they lose.

    • Thanks for doing this @Shev - it's been a fun diversion.

    • Thanks for this @Shev I know winning is everything and second is nowhere but closest the Reds have come to a pot for some time! :smiley:

    • Close, but no third star...

    • Open topped bus reversing into Trent Bridge bus garage as we speak

    • Dont think Nott'm Scabs would have looked good on the trophy.

    • @LeedsBlue said:
      Close, but no third star...


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