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The You Choose Cup - 4th Quarter Final: Grimsby v Sheffield Wednesday

The last lower league team play one of the early favourites. I am excited for this one!

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    • I've just voted and made it 50-50.
      Surprised this one is close!

    • Again, dont get the Sheffield Wednesday love

    • I think it’s because they love us.

      It’s nice to be wanted! ;)

    • They love us(well a few did) because we very kindly let them beat us one year, then kept coming on here to thank us.

    • Also they're not Sheffield United.

    • I voted for Sheffield Wednesday, so Grimsby need a tie to go through on the half-vote rule.

      Being a much newer fan, I did not vote based on a Wycombe-related reason. For me, Sheffield Wednesday just seem like one of those iconic, grand old clubs which are hard to hate. From their kits, to their nickname, to their history, they just come across as very unique. According to Wikipedia they are the 3rd oldest professional club, and the cricket club they grew out of dates back all the way to 1820.

      All of the above does not mean they will get past Brentford or QPR for me, but they shade Grimsby because of it.

    • Always feel sorry for them losing both cup finals to Arsenal back in the early 90s.

    • Sheffield Wednesday win pretty impressively against a strong Grimsby side. I thought it would be closer!

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