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The You Choose Cup - 3rd Quarter Final: Fulham v Nottingham Forest

The dark horse tie?

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    • Close one this.

    • Indeed! I voted Fulham, so they would need to win outright.

    • Considering signing up with another account to vote for Nottingham Forest.

    • Just voted forest for no other reason than they are closer to mine.

    • Currently tied, which means Forest are winning by way of my Fulham half-vote. I will leave this one to the wire, 2am BST.

    • Forest win by the tiebreaker of half a vote (after I voted for Fulham). Wow. It could literally not have been closer.

      Fulham did lodge an appeal, asking for a weighted VPR (votes per round) to be used, in which the angle of the suns rays are divided by the number of letters in the opponents name, but the appeal was denied.

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