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The You Choose Cup - Quarter-Final Draw (not live)

Much as I would love to bring back the commentary team, it feels like trying a little too hard, and with only four ties to be drawn, I decided to do it quickly and simply. Here is how they came out of the hat:

Brentford v Leyton Orient
Carlisle v QPR
Fulham v Nottingham Forest
Grimsby v Sheffield Wednesday

My initial thoughts? QPR should be a walkover, and Grimsby v Sheffield Wednesday is the tie of the round. If I had seeded it, I would have kept them apart, so it sets up a tasty early matchup. If either of these clubs are to win it, they will have quite the onerous route to the final!


  • You do seem to have a downer on Carlisle. I thought it depended on whether you were chased down the street by their rock wielding hoards or not.

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  • I'm just looking at them coming out of their group with the lowest total, and how thoroughly QPR beat Charlton. I could definitely be wrong!

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