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Wycombe 3-1 Lincoln: A Memorial Poem

The Lincoln hordes arrived at dawn
With battle lines distinctly drawn
Their touted brother generals stood
The way impending victors would

Yet in the way of Impish joy
A stern blue army of Chairboys
Upon their own momentous wave
The road to glory, partly paved

As both sides took up arms that day
With fate uncertain in their way
The gathered crowd roared on the men
The park a loud tempestuous den

With the clash about to start
All fevered brows and fluttered hearts
A Welsh left-handed archer, Joe
Drew forth the string of his longbow

Upon the breeze, an arrow flew
And hit it’s target, flush and true
The Wycombe faithful yelled with verve
The arrow had turned on a curve!

Before the Lincoln men could find
Some new repose of soul and mind
A second arrow found it’s mark
And raised the roof of Adam’s Park!

For yet again the shot had found
A path of flight less straight than round
And sheer confusion took the foe
With sure defeat writ on that bow

Though the battle ebbed and flowed
And Lincoln halved the heavy load
Their hope was but a short reprieve
From certain doom that archer weaved

With one last arrow drawn and primed
That hero Joe so aptly timed
The speed and flight to curve again
And so compound the Impish pain

At last the weary left the field
The red and white men brought to heel
As cheerful flags of quartered blue
Proclaimed the victory anew

And to this day, in Lincoln bars
Their folk remember from afar
The day they were destroyed by bow
And the Welsh left-handed archer, Joe


  • Brilliant. You’re doing us all proud through this period @Shev.

    Did I imagine it but was poetry part of the Modern Olympics early on? Perhaps we should reinstate the sporting context of it and use it as a way to finish the season.

  • Cheers @bookertease. I never knew about the Olympic poetry (and other arts). I just looked it up, and it's quite the quirky history.

    @oilysailor for team captain?

  • Shev, that’s brilliant. What a talent!

  • edited May 2020

    excellent stuff. We'll miss you here in the Lock down @Shev when the Orange King says you're all disinfected enough to go out again!

  • Sensational scenes @Shev

    Anyone fancy immortalising the game in a tapestry next?

  • Just remembered the club Twitter made the Bayo Tapestry joke a few weeks ago.

  • I don't ask for much, just Bill Turnbull reading the poem out over the highlights of the game. I'm a humble chap, me.

  • Brilliant stuff, a terrific ode to the game of the season - the first time I thought, we could really be on to something special.

  • And I bloody missed it!
    Great stuff, @Shev.

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