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  • Now that's just cruel

  • I've been wondering whether Adams Park might prove suitable as a neutral venue for when the Premier League returns (if it does). Out of town location, in an industrial estate, close to motorways, easy access from London and the Midlands, close to Bisham Abbey's training ground and hotel complex for squads isolating. Limited ground capacity helps rather than hinders given it'll be cheaper to open than a 40k seat stadium. Only issue really is the quality of the surface - in previous years it would pass with flying colours but not necessarily this year. But if the ground was chosen, the rent the club could charge would probably keep the club solvent for a year. And as previously outlined, I don't see us playing any fixtures there ourselves for quite a while, so no clashes there.

  • Must have googled "most beautiful place in the world"

  • Didn’t RC say that they relaid the pitch pretty much as soon as the season was suspended? If so I would imagine it would take a while before it’s fit to play football on.

    (We’d be okay to play on with our brand of hoofball*)

    *That is a joke - not s a very good one admittedly

  • How I miss sitting on that hill, beer in hand, an hour or so before KO

  • Pitch has been relaid , one way of making some £ in this mess I suppose

  • Frank Adams is big enough for a decent main camera angle too

  • Surely the fact you can climb a hill and look into the ground will instantly rule out AP as a potential venue?

  • Would you really do that if the match was televised though?

  • @aloysius said:
    Would you really do that if the match was televised though?

    I think there was pretty good evidence from European matches played behind closed doors that, yes, people do.

    Not sure I see why they would either but then I've seen loads of moronic behaviour during the lockdown that I wouldn't believe.

  • That's a very well written piece @Username, hard to disagree with any of it. How is this strangest of seasons destined to end and what will follow for our beloved WWFC?

  • I'm with you @our_frank , I had to take a moment.

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