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Away match music links.

Whilst cycling today, I had my iPod, (I know, so yesterday), blasting away on random choice. One of the tracks that came up was by a band called "The Levellers", the track was Fifteen Years. That track was the 1st of their music I had ever heard and it always reminds me of an Tuesday night away trip to Col U that was postponed just as we arrived in Colchester either waterlogged pitch or snow, probably one of the last at Layer Road. Seeking solace and a toilet, we stopped in the 1st pub we found & whilst "lamenting" over the late postponement, this record played on the juke box. Long story short, I thought it was great & purchased the 1st album of theirs that could find that included this track. Now every time I hear a Levellers piece of music, I can't help but think of Col U. Anyone else have a "trigger" sound that associates with another team/match?


  • I love the Levellers! They were a big deal in the mid 90s. Their first two albums (Levelling the Land and A Weapon Called The Word) are fantastic. 'Another Mans Cause' is perhaps the best anti-war song I have heard. A few of their songs helped me on my way learning guitar back in the day, too.

    Sorry to derail from the actual subject, but that is a refreshing blast from the past.

  • You have a fine taste in music, Ewan. The Levellers are an excellent band indeed - especially live.

    If you like them, you will probably like these all from a similar genre

    cheering me up in Bridport after the most boring game of football ever away at Yeovil - it either ended 0-0 or 0-1 . I was just pleased it ended.


    After the Alex Lynch Baz Richardson game


    Or supping Jail Ale to these guys on a warm Devon evening still hoarse from the Plainmoor Roar.

  • I'll always remember listening to live radio coverage of the LA Riots on the way to Redbridge Forest.

    Of course, we were to hand out a savage beating of our own that night

  • The relegation survival anthem of 1999 was Phats & Small - was everywhere, Stoke, tea bar at Maine Road, people dancing to it on the coach as the brick came through the window, Sincil Bank, blaring as fans tussled on the roundabout and LTE calling cards fluttered on the breeze - released March 99:

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    Former Hillbottom Road stalwart Ken Elephant punching his fist out the window of his Nissan Sunny on the M4 in beat to Miss You en route to the Vetch Field, immediately after the Liverpool game. Nights were warm and the days were young, and there were tears soon after when the grates surrounding the tea bar cut the very same rhythmic fist, just after doing aeroplane celebrations up and down the terrace after taking an early lead. Didn't last.

  • The matchday/music association that comes to my mind dates back to the late ‘forties early ‘fifties. Not away ground related although the piece in question was played at air displays at Hendon, a place (Claremont Road) I was to visit on many occasions decades later.

    Anyway, in our Maidstone United supporting days, Dad used to put the car radio on as we left the Athletic Ground to listen to the afternoon’s football results and the introductory music for Sports Report was a wonderful jaunty piece “Out of the Blue” written by Hubert Bath. Whenever I hear it I am transported back to those days - difficult ones in many respects but brightened by Saturday afternoons at the Athletic Ground (Reserves included) during the football season (and in mid ‘fifties the thrill of the first floodlit games).

    I still don’t know how to put links on here and of course the music is both “square” and old hat but many on here will be old enough to be familiar with that particular piece. It’s not the kind of music I would buy or go to see played but it does share that magical ability of so much music to evoke happy memories.

    I’ve just played (and thoroughly enjoyed) the Levellers track that @EwanHoosaami mentioned in his OP. I see what you mean, @DevC about the three bands you highlighted - similar tempos, rhythms and general kinda celtic feel. Mrs micra (who is Irish) and I love the Saw Doctors but they are slightly more rock orientated. Extremely loud live, too!

  • We’re particularly sold on Black Water County. Will sound really good on the Ruark.

  • Here you go @micra:

  • Hearing Queen (not a fan really) always reminds me of Brighton. Remember driving down for an evening kick off down there the day Freddie Mercury died and the radio was full of their songs.

    (And conscious - and a little worried if so - that my memory may bfs playing tricks)

  • Thanks @Steve_Peart. A surprisingly detailed recording.

  • When I hear 'Ready To Go' by Republica it always reminds me of Leicester away in the FA Cup as they played that before the game.

    Club Tropicana for a random game between Bognor Regis Town & Godalming.

  • The dreadful 'Chelsea Dagger' by the equally dreadful Fratellis always reminds me of the equally dreadful MK Dongs, as that's what's played whenever they score.

  • A bit of a random one, but Across the Sands by The Stone Roses reminds me of Rochdale. By far and away the best song to be playing when I've been going through a turnstile.

  • I'd add this one for any of the northern trips that involve changing at, or wandering around Manc. Or anytime passing the Bucks college student union for that matter.

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    Must have been a good 15 to 20 years ago but everytime I hear Sonique - Feels so good, it takes me back to an away day at Reading. It was blasted out of the Madejski stadium sound system before kick off and at half time.

  • .... Follow up....... It was 20 years ago, I'm pretty sure it was 2000. Doesn't time fly!

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