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The You Choose Cup - Group P

The final group is upon us! With one final day to go until the draw for the round of 16, who will punch the last entry ticket?

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    • Another easy one for me having been a semi-regular at Portman Road in the late 70s when I lived out that way.

      A brilliant 1-0 Tuesday night win away at a packed Blundell Park in the Gorman era is one of my all-time favourite away games though.

    • Also another thanks to @Shev for putting this together. It is a nice little diversion every day

    • Went Grimsby on this one. Previous affinities to the Jacks precludes voting Cardiff, Ipswich....well that's our sour faced Sweaty sock and as for Stevenage...not likely so Grimsby it is.

    • Got to be Grimsby for Cod Almighty alone - best fanzine in the league? And fond memories of that freezing cold FA Cup replay up their in 2001.

      Always liked Ipswich for their exploits under Bobby Robson but their fans were disappointingly graceless this season.

    • Gone fishing.

    • Grimsby but only because I don’t like the others.

    • edited April 2020

      Another vote for "Cod Almighty" - and especially their eulogising of Senda and Betsy, who destroyed them up and down the right wing on that golden Friday night in Cleethorpes, at the height of Gormania...

      Selected quote (from many candidates): "The chairboys delivered a short seminar on passing and movement. Town strummed like a cheap guitar, Wycombe plucked their harp, swooshing angelically towards a crescendo. Betsy and Senda on the right, interchanging and interchangeable - let's call them Benda for short - filleted the bloated dogfish that was Town's left..."

      The standard was set back then.

    • Ipswich due to Sir Bobby and Sir Alf, a good trip there. Was never gonna be Cardiff or Stevenage.

    • Have we had any ‘nil points’ teams so far?

    • @Lloyd2084 said:
      Have we had any ‘nil points’ teams so far?

      Salford and, I think, Leeds.

    • @MindlessDrugHoover said:

      @Lloyd2084 said:
      Have we had any ‘nil points’ teams so far?

      Salford and, I think, Leeds.


    • Grimsby because of the fish chant.

    • I'm going Grimsby for that magical FA Cup 3rd round replay. Martyn Lee's finest hour.

    • Grimsby as I cannot bring myself to vote for Stevenage in any of their incarnations, disinterested in Cardiff, Ipswich was a maybe for the Blooms link, but they are a miserable 'big club' and deserve to remain in League One.

    • Ninian Park another ground where I had to scarper pretty sharpish

    • Always remember the Grimsby fans standing to applaud Betsy after that Friday night match. Several of their fans came up to me afterwards to shake my hand and offer congratulations (I believe we replaced them at the top of the league that night). It's right up there for me as one of our best ever football league performances. I'm still upset at the disallowed Torres goal!

      Easy decision for me, Grimsby are one of the top contenders!

    • I like to vote on all of these before reading any of the comments below. I went with Grimsby, also because of Cod Almighty, and the fact that the rest of those teams can get in the sea.

    • Only voted for Stevenage due to local connections there. I worked in its town centre Lloyds branch before coming to Wycombe area, my wife worked at Lister Hospital where our eldest was also born. Always had a friendly welcome at their ground and inside their supporters bar.

    • Grimsby for me, "cod almighty" has always been a magnificent read & was sorely missed from my calendar when the fell out of the league. So glad that they are back and I also find Holloway an entertainment on his own!

    • Grimsby all the way

      I'll never forget that FA Cup replay where history was made (superfan alert)

    • Grimsby absolutely destroy the final group, and take the final spot in the last 16. The draw will be live later tonight (Denver time), when those of you in the UK are (hopefully) in a state of gentle repose.

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