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The You Choose Cup - Group O

It's time to vote for the second to last group. Of the 14 winners so far, 9 have come from the Championship, 2 from L1, and 3 from L2, who have two entrants in this particular set of teams.

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    • Oh wow. Feeling nothing on this one.

      Swansea is really just about the LDV semi final on St Davids Day and the LDV game in the freezing cold that went to penalties.

      Rochdale has a one way system

      Forest Green are a strange mixture of 'do good' and 'like to talk about it'

      Can I see past Kevin Ellison and more home defeats than there should be for Morecambe?

      Rochdale it is

    • I'm abstaining

    • Can't see how anyone could have anything against Rochdale: surely the least pretentious club in the league. I quite liked Morecambe under Jim Bentley and Ellison was an annoying but enjoyable panto villain but... you only need to remember who their current manager is. Swansea are just 'meh'. I do remember some of their fans being dicks when we played them in the Autoglass Trophy semis back in the mists of time, though.

      I know some balk at Forest Green's 'new money' but I really like what they're trying to do on an eco front, particularly given football's seeming disregard for environmental issues, plus The New Lawn was extremely welcoming when we went there and the food was superb, so going with them.

    • Forest Green just need to build a papier mache roof over the away terrace - I'm sure Blue Peter would be able to advise

    • I like Rochdale and Morecambe, no feeling towards Swansea really, but I’m going for Forest Green mostly for the Indian food just outside the ground.

    • Rochdale for me

    • Was it rochdale who wrecked our bus last year? Or was that someone else?

    • Would have voted for Morecambe if McKenna was still there - archetypal pantomime villain. Remember the Runcorn game where we I think pretty much sealed promotion tothe league and Guppy scored a wonder goal and yet the evening was still all about him. Hated him at the time, quite fond now.

      But he has gone , admire Forest Green for their environmental ethos but my vote goes to Rochdale for soldiering on all those years in the shadow of bigger clubs - over 40 consecutive years in the bottom division if my memory serves me right.

    • Agree with a lot above, Only experience of Rochdale was the away game a while back when we battered them and they won, think we did the same to them this year, uninspiring bunch. Morecambe is an absolute pit, possibly deserving sympathy, Ellison doesn't. Forest Green are a bit flash and I do like a steak. Swansea ? Bit of Bayo , apology for ruining Stuart Roberts? Tend to agree with Mooneyman.

    • Morecambe for me despite doing us over a few times and the Bean incident.

      They've done incredibly well to sustain football league status. With gates of sub 1,500 for many games, and basically being a village near Blackpool they really have no business being in the FL.

      Jim Bentley always seemed a good guy.

    • If Morecambe is a Village near Blackpool, when Bentley is now can only be described as a Hamlet near Blackpool !!

    • Voted for Swansea in honour of my Welsh grandfather who took me to the Vetch for my first ever match, Swansea v Plymouth back in the 70's and then took me to the pub where he had a pint and likely a corona or something for me.

    • I used to live in Morecambe when at uni.

      The main output of the town seemed to be dog shit and heroin.

    • Good name for a punk band that @Lloyd2084 "dog shit and heroin"

    • @Ozzie_the_Relaxed said:
      Good name for a punk band that @Lloyd2084 "dog shit and heroin"

      Definitely. Could see them touring with Sick on the Bus and UK Vomit.

    • edited April 2020

      I was torn between Forest Green because I quite like what they are trying to do ecology wise...and Bentley's boys. I went for Morecambe as I always looked forward to playing them for some lose or draw it always seemed to get the blood pounding. And DDH aside I do like a panto villain!

    • Forest Green become the second team to take a group by a solitary vote. They also become the second L2 winner in a row, but as they are Carlisle have the two lowest winning percentages to date, neither looks a threat to go on a deep cup run.

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