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The You Choose Cup - Group L

Quite an interesting group, this. Fulham are the oldest club in London, with a charming ground that has (or used to have, not sure) the only neutral seating section among English clubs. Doncaster are another charming club, who once interviewed an 8 year old for the manager position, as he applied. Mind you, they are also the bad taste in the mouth from our last fixture to date! Is there any way on earth Southend can garner enough sympathy to overcome that playoff final?

Much as I hate to predict or try and influence these polls, I am going to go out on a limb and say I do not expect Millwall to win the group.

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    • Torn between memories of the LDV Trophy game at Fulhsm or the two FA Cup ties against Millwall. Will take the morning to decide.

    • Donny always seem to be an unpretentious club with a good attitude and decent fans - the Vlog one of their fans did of our 3-2 win was one of the best I've seen.

      Fulham always seem inoffensive enough for a bigger London club. Sarfend permanently blotted their copybook with their gloating about the play-off final. No one likes Millwall for good reason.

    • Had to go for Donny but Fulham has always been one of the better trips and we’ve had the odd cracking game there

    • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
      Torn between memories of the LDV Trophy game at Fulhsm or the two FA Cup ties against Millwall. Will take the morning to decide.

      Millwall are a hateful club!

    • Fulham bottom of my list here.

    • Between Fred, Paris , J Mac, and Matty Lawrence (? ) 'Wall have been very good to us, like some kind of cash converters type, but they don't care that no-one likes them apparently , Donny is a good away trip as are Fulham and Saaafend, play offs go against them as does the shambles they've become. Fulham for me by a short and probably underesrved margin

    • Went for donny. Almost went for southend as I've got mates there and we've had some decent results against them...except for THAT game of course.

    • I went saathend. But then I was born in the hospital there in ‘66 and although we moved away before my first memory, I’ve always enjoyed a day trip for a game there.

    • Where to start:

      Bas Savage, John Granville, John Kerr, Danny Senda, Fred, Paris, Stuart Nethercott, Matt Lawrence, Chris Hackett, Steve Claridge, Jordan Archer, Ian Pearson, Sean Devine, George Borg, the list goes on and on.

      Nothing hateful about those chaps

    • Is this thread about liking clubs, or liking the players we have links to club with?
      Two different things really.

    • It’s whatever you want

    • Fulham take the group, while Millwall end up with a credible 3rd, with just over a 5th of the percentage vote.

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