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Another initiative, for those desperate for some kind of interaction with their beloved WWFC. Quote from the club website

"Wanderers kicked off a new series called #ChairboysLive on Monday at 11am, bringing players and other special guests together in a live YouTube show."


  • Good little idea.

  • Good fun that. My favourite moment was Grimmer talking about how the street bikes would leave him for dust as he furiously peddled his lower quality bike.

    JJ replies: "That's how I feel during games."

  • David Stockdale was absolutely on fire on today's episode, a must watch.

  • All a bit cringe tbh, was better yesterday.

  • @StrongestTeam Agree with you there, stopped watching halfway through.
    Was funny for about five minutes, pretty boring afterwards.

  • Thought yesterday was poor. Stockdale needed to switch off and let the other guys talk.Wouldnt like to be with him in a room for too long.

  • Yeah, deffo the first one was better

  • I thought a vocal and domineering goalkeeper is what we've all been demanding for years!

  • And a keeper that has learnt to do his shoelaces up properly!

  • Perhaps this keeper we seek can also take a goal kick the same day that it was awarded?

  • Just caught the end of today's with our combined media titans, much better, will watch it all later.

  • Couldn’t get through the Stockdale show.

  • Yesterday's was much better, bring on @bluntphil 's quiz tonight.

  • Having been a bit critical of the Stocko madness episode it should probably be said that today's is a great watch well worth an hour of your time, Dobbo at the forefront here but whole coaching team and organisation a credit to the club as they so often are.

  • Dobbo is just brilliant

    Should be tied into a lifetime contract really

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