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PPG promotion (or not)

In the realms of wild and idle speculation what are people’s view on if we did do what I think they are suggesting in Scotland and decide the league on a simple PPG basis?

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    • It wont happen, because it will open up more legal claims than simply voiding the season.

    • I think I would go through all three emotions, like parts of the seven stages of grief. I agree with @mooneyman though - I would add that the only way this gets decided on PPG is if the games start back up, PPG is written in as a tiebreaker, and then the games can't finish owing to another outbreak.

    • It won't happen for the above reasons but it would be awful if it did: our greatest ever 'achievement' and it'd make the final day promotion under Taylor feel like the '94 play-off final.

    • edited April 2020

      We spent a huge part of the season looking down at teams with a game, or multiple games in hand on us.

      For us to suddenly hold this game in hand and even there being a prospect that this could be decisive at the business end is quite a turn around.

      The cheekiest thing is that it's a game in hand against the league leaders away from home, having not only been dreadful away for some time, but also having a real bogey thing going on against them!

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