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Quiz - Bucks Clubs FA Cup

Sun still shining. Lockdown still effective. Nowhere to go. Feck it, quiz time

Which Bucks based clubs have made at least the first round and what is the furthest they have got?
Bonus point for identifying the unique FA Cup record one Bucks club holds.


  • Are you counting Slough who up until 1974 was in Bucks?

  • Good excuse to post this Dev - anyone not been stuck with someone who played for Marlow that day in a football club bar/pub somewhere?

  • up until 1974 I suppose yes then

  • Is it something to do with Marlow making the semi finals?

  • @peterparrotface I've never seen that before, thanks. Marlow's ground is much bigger than I imagined.

  • If you aiming at the bonus point, no Chris. at least one other Bucks club has made the semi finals.

  • I've played in the same cricket team with 3 of that Marlow starting 11, and one of the subs

  • @DevC said:
    up until 1974 I suppose yes then

    Slough made the 2nd round then in 70/71

  • Swifts got to the semi-finals in 1874, 1876 and 1886. They were based in Slough, presumably in Bucks at that time. They played near the Dolphin pub

  • That reminds me. Didn’t there used to be two Slough based clubs we would play regularly in the 50s/60s? Neither of whom were Swifts

  • Old Etonians won the FA Cup in 1879 and 1882. Eton at that time was in Bucks I believe.

  • @HolmerBlue said:
    I've played in the same cricket team with 3 of that Marlow starting 11, and one of the subs

    This is a better quiz

  • Slough have never made rd3 - whether in Bucks or Berks.

    Lets change the quiz /
    1) which bucks teams have made rd3.
    2) which Bucks team holds a unique FACup record

  • Change the quiz. POTD

  • edited April 2020

    2) it was a long held popular belief that Marlow had played in every FA Cup competition. In fact they have missed one season, 1910-11 if I recall correctly, because their application arrived a day too late. So you could say that Marlow are the only club to have applied to enter every competition.

  • I bow to a master statistician.

    i have learned something new today. cheers Steve

  • @DevC, it first came to light when Tony Brown published his "The FA Cup Complete Results" book, a remarkable publication. I then went to Wycombe Library and had a look through the local papers. The BFP mentioned it, the South Bucks Standard had a few more details, that the application arrived a day late. I think it said the Secretary forgot to post the letter on time.

  • So just to clarify. Has part two of the quiz been answered? Just wondered if I can stop searching through my old Bucks Free Press collection

  • My stab at 1) although "3rd Round" may not have existed in the early years.

    Marlow, Old Etonians, Swifts, Chesham Utd, Aylesbury Utd, Wycombe, Franchise.

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