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PL Transfer Rumours

Does anyone else find some of the figures still being bandied about for transfers this summer involving Premier League clubs truly sickening given the current situation.

There is going to be real hardship in the lower and non leagues of football leading to, almost certainly, the loss of some very well run, and famous clubs yet those at the top of the tree are still looking to spend £50 million (any beyond) on one player.
£50 million between the 20 clubs currently in the Premier League would certainly secure the futures of all of the clubs in this country League One and below until we football returns to normal.

I can see some real animosity towards these clubs after this.


  • I doubt the clubs are having that much to do with it. Journalists are plucking things out of thin air because there's so little to write about, and agents are agents.

  • Agreed. However do you honestly believe the sums that are suggested WON'T be spent this summer by the PL whilst other clubs disappear forever?

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