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Financial performance for Burton Albion (so as not to hijack the attendance thread)

@HCblue Burton changed their year end from May 2019 to June 2019 so haven't yet published accounts for last year.

Latest figures available are for May 2017/18:-
Income £12.92m (only split shown is: Gate Receipts £1.83m, Commercial £11.09m);
Wages (no split between playing and administrative staff) £9.95m;
New player purchases £1.06m / Player sales £1.25m;
Operating Loss £293k;
Profit made on player sales £791k;
Net Profit £500k;
Bank overdraft £78k, Cash held £49k.
Average attendance 4,645.


  • £11m in commercials? Crikey. Is this still a hangover from their brief foray into the Championship?

  • That was in the championship though with a large proportion of their "commercial" revenue being TV and solidarity payments.

    Not sure it tells us much about them in Lg1 or indeed how they financed promotion out of lg1 on very low gates.

  • Ah yeah, missed the bit about which year this was. Thanks.

  • I guess it does tell us a little about what our finances could be like next season though.

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  • I think the TV money has gone up a fair bit since then. around £11m just from that source. Wageroll even for burton a little scary though. Hopefully not too many two year contracts just in case. .......

  • Give GA that wage bill and we stay up in the second tier, I am confident, even though it would still be dwarfed by everyone else.

  • @drcongo said:
    £11m in commercials? Crikey. Is this still a hangover from their brief foray into the Championship?

    Two seasons. Not a bad brief foray.

  • Thanks, @ForeverBlue. Very thoughtful.

  • I think it was in the Phil Catchpole interview with Rob Couhig that he said average wage in the Championship was £16K/week.
    Clearly there is a massive range with some players on ex-Premier league wage and some on just up from league 1 wage.
    However, what I'm sure is crucial is that you get the contracts sorted so relegation back to league 1, should it happen, doesn't cripple you with the dramatically lower TV monies, sponsorship, etc coming in.
    Have to believe that between RC, Gaz, Dobbo and Andrew Howard we could, at least, handle that aspect of promotion.

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