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A Leap Day Game : Doncaster (a) Crowd speculation - Match 34 - Sat 29th Feb 2020

Using the Chairboys on the Net Archive I reckon the last time we played on a Leap Day was Sat 29th Feb 1992 in our last but one season as a non League club. A 3 -2 Home win against Barrow in front of 3699. I remember the day, not for the football, but because it was the day after my son was born - he is now an adult season ticket holder at Adams Park.

I don't suppose the crowd will be greatly swollen by the once a generation opportunity to watch Wycombe on a Leap Day.

Last season - 2nd game of the season on 11th August 2018 - Actual attendance 7122 with 414 of us.

Their home attendances have been close to that recently with the exception of 9537 for Coventry (18th Jan) and 12,432 for Sunderland (29th Dec.)

Weather looks like a chance of strong winds and rain.

I will bravely go 6901 with 444 of us.

Happy predicting.


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